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Mutt developer resources

Bug tracking system

This trac exists primarily for bug tracking: see report:3

  • You can register immediately using the link on the menu bar.
  • Note: a valid email address is required (the registration page incorrectly states it is optional).
  • A confirmation link will be emailed to you. Sorry about that, we'd turn it off if the spammers would let us.
  • You must be logged in to add new tickets, or ticket comments, as an anti-spam measure.
  • Note: bug entries are forwarded to the mutt developer's list, making the email address you register with public.

For all new ticket reports please include:

  • a short meaningful summary
  • a procedure to reproduce the problem
  • careful selections of the priority, component and type property fields
  • the keyword "patch" if you have a proposed solution

See DebugTips for diagnostic methods to speed resolution of the bug.


Browse the manual for the development version, updated nightly.


The source code is maintained in a Git repository here. You can pull your own copy for hacking with

git clone

This will default to the master branch, where mainline development happens. Afterwards, git pull should keep you up to date.

There is also the stable branch where the latest stable version of mutt is tracked. Bugfixes are committed into stable and then merged back into master, while new features go into master.

Nightly snapshots

Download a nightly snapshot of the mutt distribution here

Release roadmap

The roadmap has the current list of bugs blocking the release of Mutt 1.6. There is also a TODO for the next point release here.

Developer Resources

The mutt source contains some developer resources in the contrib/ subdirectory, namely:

When preparing/maintaining 3rd patches, see:


This lists topics that we're currently collecting ideas for:

Mailing lists

An overview of mailing lists (for devs, users and others) can be found at

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