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#2844 mutt doesn't link under Solaris 8/Sparc mutt-dev defect major fixed
#3010 mutt-1.5.17: HCACHEVER in hcversion.h is not correctly generated mutt-dev defect major 1.5.17 invalid
#3122 mutt doesn't build without idn support mutt-dev defect major 1.5.18 fixed
#3149 Missing #undef's in mbyte.h leads to bad compilation with --without-wc-funcs mutt-dev defect major 1.5.19 fixed
#3301 -O2 optimization breaks encryption pdmef defect major 1.5.20 worksforme
#1615 mutt breaks if _POSIX2_VERSION=200111 with recent coreutils mutt-dev defect minor fixed
#2303 problem with "ac_cv_lib_ssl_SSL_new" test mutt-dev enhancement minor Mutt/1.5.11 fixed
#2355 Mutt can't be built with a separate build dir and read-only source dir mutt-dev defect minor cvs fixed
#2525 mutt 1.5.12 attempts to include posix1_lim.h mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.12 fixed
#2823 warning: ISO C90 does not support... mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.14 fixed
#2905 configure script doesn't take care on docdir parameter mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.15 fixed
#2932 autoconf BDB check mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.16 fixed
#3060 configure - optional braces not displayed mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.18 fixed
#3830 mutt_dotlock not installed in 1.6.0 mutt-dev defect minor 1.6.0 worksforme
#2538 "make -j2 dist" does not work (bad dependency?) mutt-dev defect trivial cvs fixed
#3528 not compatible with sort from coreutils 6.12 dgc defect trivial 1.5.21 fixed
#3671 warning installing mutt-1.5.22 (release) on OS X 10.9 kevin8t8 defect trivial 1.5.22 fixed
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