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#2545 Cannot open message with pgp key attachment mutt-dev defect major 1.5.13 fixed
#2684 crash on s/mime verification mutt-dev defect major tried with 1.5.13 and 1.5.13cvs (2007-01-09) fixed
#2918 Unable to check mails signed traditional when using gpgme mutt-dev defect major 1.5.16 fixed
#2930 PGP related key bindings do not work when mutt is compiled with GPGME. mutt-dev defect major 1.5.16 worksforme
#3069 smime crash when replying to mail mutt-dev defect major 1.5.18 fixed
#3650 Mutt is leaking BCC: when you GPG encrypt a message for TO: mutt-dev defect major 1.5.21 duplicate
#3762 Segmentation fault in pgp_keys when a subkey is of type "authentication" mutt-dev defect major 1.5.23 worksforme
#2839 GnuPG and GnuPG clients unsigned data injection vulnerability mutt-dev defect minor fixed
#2912 Unenlightening error message "Could not copy message" when decryption fails mutt-dev defect minor fixed
#2913 no locale for gpgme context set mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.16 fixed
#2994 Wrong parameter micalg for S/MIME with mutt 1.5.17 and gpgme mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.17 fixed
#3039 wrong/ignored character set for traditional PGP mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.17 fixed
#3058 [PATCH] mutt keys unmapped after pinentry-curses use mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.18 fixed
#3239 patch for to use pkg-config while detecting gnutls brendan defect minor fixed
#3639 Handling of inconsistent smime signed messages. mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.21 fixed
#2878 PGP "Sign as:" menu displays all keys instead of just secret keys mutt-dev defect trivial 1.5.15 fixed
#2919 never used local variable in crypt_gpgme.c mutt-dev task trivial 1.5.16 fixed
#3192 ssl_use_sslv2 should be disabled by default mutt-dev defect trivial fixed
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