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#3088 index redraw broken when sorting changes mutt-dev defect major 1.5.18 fixed
#3270 Index should display tabs as spaces in Subject line, for `broken' mailclients mutt-dev defect major fixed
#286 Muttrc default value (weak header weeding) mutt-dev defect minor 1.2.5i fixed
#862 format=flowed handler isn't utf-8 aware mutt-dev defect minor fixed
#2031 mutt crashes reading some mbox with sort=threads mutt-dev defect minor worksforme
#2087 "%>" in pager_format overshoots by 10 repetitions me defect minor 1.5.11 fixed
#2899 progress display is now too slow for common operations mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.15 fixed
#2929 progress bar when opening mailboxes doesn't show percentage any more mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.16 fixed
#2948 Browser should pretty-print current directory pdmef enhancement minor 1.5.16 fixed
#2997 Missparsed/decoded headers in index view mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.17 wontfix
#3005 almost all colors are bright if bright is used for "normal" me defect minor 1.5.17 fixed
#3048 ZWSP at start of line causes display problems in pager mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.17 fixed
#3061 display broken when a mail contains U+FEFF mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.18 fixed
#3080 incorrect display of headers related to folding pdmef defect minor 1.5.18 fixed
#3092 mutt-1.5.18: sync on thread sorted mailbox mispositions index message position brendan defect minor 1.5.18 fixed
#3117 CRLF not consequently stripped defect minor 1.5.18 invalid
#3146 bad alignment in help screen mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.18 fixed
#3170 mutt: Attachments are automatically displayed even with 'Content-Disposition: attachment' pdmef defect minor 1.5.19 fixed
#2191 file sizes >2GB reported incorrectly mutt-dev defect trivial 1.5.11 fixed
#2207 Display problem after enlarging the terminal mutt-dev defect trivial cvs + patches fixed
#2906 space stuffed empty lines are not displayed with f=f mutt-dev defect trivial 1.5.15 fixed
#3022 progress not cleared mutt-dev defect trivial fixed
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