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#2886 inconsistent use of backslash in regexps mutt-dev defect major 1.5.15 fixed
#1894 $index_format %F %f documented behaviour mismatch mutt-dev defect minor fixed
#2185 In manual.xml, "screen" contents should not exceed 79 columns mutt-dev defect minor cvs fixed
#2940 muttrc man page contains formatting errors mutt-dev defect minor 1.5.16 fixed
#2979 dsn_notify also works with postfix 2.3 mutt-dev enhancement minor 1.5.16 fixed
#3109 Improve manual for 1.6 pdmef enhancement minor 1.5.18 fixed
#3191 Manual: Variables should be sorted pdmef enhancement minor 1.5.19 fixed
#1463 document quote_regexp and quotedN colorization behaviour mutt-dev defect trivial 1.4i fixed
#1918 Suggestion for addition to example Muttrc mutt-dev enhancement trivial 1.5.6+20040907i invalid
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