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#3290 mutt should not announce there's new mail in the folder that was just left mutt-dev defect minor mutt 1.5.20
#3293 attachments menu broken/inconsistent pdmef defect minor user interface 1.5.20
#3309 allow *configurable* $stuff_all_quoted or similar option for quoting flowed text mutt-dev enhancement minor mutt
#3317 no encoding in group list mutt-dev defect minor mutt 1.5.20
#3335 intermittent crashes with marking read the last couple of mails in an IMAP folder me defect minor IMAP 1.5.20
#3473 spam tags retrieved from header cache are not updated when spam rules change dgc defect minor mutt 1.5.20
#3549 kill-eow and kill-word are not consistent for finding word boundaries mutt-dev defect minor mutt 1.5.21
#3571 User should be able to disable TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 mutt-dev defect minor mutt 1.5.21
#3580 mutt -H $draft ignores recipient arguments on CLI mutt-dev defect minor mutt 1.5.21
#3608 Character Š wrong in index and status on Mac OS X me defect minor mutt 1.5.21
#3639 Handling of inconsistent smime signed messages. mutt-dev defect minor crypto 1.5.21
#3830 mutt_dotlock not installed in 1.6.0 mutt-dev defect minor build 1.6.0
#3843 hangs changing to Deleted Items folder with Office365 brendan defect minor IMAP 1.6.0
#463 mailbox sort order for MH folders is not MH sort order mutt-dev defect trivial mutt 1.2.5i
#1463 document quote_regexp and quotedN colorization behaviour mutt-dev defect trivial doc 1.4i
#1885 browser doesn't check if the last char of $folder is '/' or not mutt-dev defect trivial mutt 1.5.6i
#1918 Suggestion for addition to example Muttrc mutt-dev enhancement trivial doc 1.5.6+20040907i
#2008 Would be nice to include the "stuff_all_quoted" patch mutt-dev enhancement trivial mutt
#2116 smtp patch password support lacks $smtp_pass brendan enhancement trivial mutt HEAD
#2191 file sizes >2GB reported incorrectly mutt-dev defect trivial display 1.5.11
#2207 Display problem after enlarging the terminal mutt-dev defect trivial display cvs + patches
#2471 mutt misinterpretation of ".." while changing dir in the browser mutt-dev defect trivial mutt Mutt 1.5.12 (2006-07-14), Debian
#2538 "make -j2 dist" does not work (bad dependency?) mutt-dev defect trivial build cvs
#2878 PGP "Sign as:" menu displays all keys instead of just secret keys mutt-dev defect trivial crypto 1.5.15
#2906 space stuffed empty lines are not displayed with f=f mutt-dev defect trivial display 1.5.15
#2919 never used local variable in crypt_gpgme.c mutt-dev task trivial crypto 1.5.16
#2945 change the default for $move from ask-no to no mutt-dev task trivial mutt
#3022 progress not cleared mutt-dev defect trivial display
#3125 NULL vs. 0 cleanup mutt-dev enhancement trivial mutt
#3192 ssl_use_sslv2 should be disabled by default mutt-dev defect trivial crypto
#3281 Simplified Chinese translation for mutt mutt-dev enhancement trivial mutt
#3528 not compatible with sort from coreutils 6.12 dgc defect trivial build 1.5.21
#3598 move question asked in Czech but response expected in English mutt-dev defect trivial mutt 1.5.21
#3671 warning installing mutt-1.5.22 (release) on OS X 10.9 kevin8t8 defect trivial build 1.5.22

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3649 Sorting by 'To: ' does not work right mutt-dev defect major mutt 1.5.21
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