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#3926 hg tip (default): Type mismatches mutt-dev defect trivial mutt
#3913 PATCH [hg default] Present SHA1 finger print in interactive cert' check mutt-dev enhancement minor crypto 1.7.2
#3914 mutt stores duplicate certificates into $certificate-file on hostname mismatch and interactive_check_cert = "allow always" mutt-dev defect minor crypto 1.7.2
#3916 Mutt 1.8: TOFU approach bails out on first fail or reject, not offering higher links of the cert' chain mutt-dev enhancement minor crypto
#3920 memory leak in subject alternate name code. mutt-dev defect major crypto
#3955 regex checking crashes on long lines with UTF-8 locale mutt-dev defect major user interface 1.8.3
#3931 1.8.1: pgp.c is setting GPG_TTY but the new code is not using that mutt-dev defect critical crypto 1.8.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3919 does not set -I... flags for --with-ssl mutt-dev defect minor build
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