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#969 Can't clear the 'N' (unseen) flag on read-only IMAP folders new brendan defect minor 2.0
#2056 Attempt re-connect when idle mailbox connection closes new brendan enhancement major 2.0
#3038 mutt cannot communicate with archiveopteryx infoneeded brendan defect major 2.0
#3062 Add folder_format code so users can display both RECENT and UNSEEN when using IMAP new brendan enhancement minor
#3071 Bug#469489: mutt: should support CONDSTORE new brendan enhancement minor 2.0
#3074 Mutt hangs indefinitely accepted brendan defect major 2.0
#3128 Make IMAP expunged message handling faster new brendan enhancement major 2.0
#3136 Please merge sendbox mode (Outbox for some IMAP servers) new brendan enhancement minor 2.0
#3140 ignore old flag set by other mail clients new brendan enhancement minor 2.0
#3183 "Error opening mailbox" (and death) after finishing reading in all headers. accepted brendan defect minor 2.0
#3210 Feature Request: IMAP keywords new brendan enhancement major
#3357 imap server socket communication trouble new brendan defect major
#3438 naming scheme for recalled draft tempfiles new brendan enhancement minor 2.0
#3482 IMAP Segmentation fault when fetching message headers infoneeded_new brendan defect major
#3484 wish: Mutt IMAP could support offline view mails when header&body cache enabled new brendan enhancement minor 2.0
#3485 An option could be added to control IMAP message fetching new brendan enhancement minor 2.0
#3490 IMAP: ignores \Recent flag but rolls its own replacement new brendan defect trivial
#3502 Issue with browsing IMAP folders, having a non-ASCII characters in names new brendan defect major
#3517 unable to append a message to a folder on a buggy imap server new brendan defect minor
#3530 Crash on search in IMAP(S) mailbox infoneeded_new brendan defect major
#3554 mark_old fails silently if IMAP server doesn't support custom PERMANENTFLAGS new brendan defect minor 2.0
#3576 Makes new connection to the SMTP server for every mail, even when sending several in one action new brendan enhancement minor
#3640 Hangs on index view when connected with gmail imap server new brendan defect major
#3641 Latest commit causes mutt to quit after failed password attempt on OSX 10.8.3. new brendan defect major
#3656 "TLS connection established" message causes an annoying delay new brendan defect minor
#3660 Expose RFC 3464 functionality unavailable through sendmail(1) new brendan enhancement major
#3667 Stuck trying to send an email: all DNS lookups fail when network was brought up after mutt new brendan defect major
#3672 mutt won't connect to new brendan defect major
#3679 gmail imap search feature new brendan enhancement major
#3686 RFC6186 (SRV records for IMAP/POP) support new brendan enhancement trivial
#3710 No authenticators available (SASL: No worthy mechs found) new brendan defect major
#3723 Message fetched if `color index blue red "~h 'Importance: high'"` is in place new brendan enhancement major
#3755 imap: accumulates the same certificate over and over in ~/.mutt/certificates but doesn't recognize at startup new brendan defect major
#3855 Mutt doesn't understand multiple emails addresses in angle brackets reopened brendan defect major
#3858 save sent message copy only after actually sending it new brendan defect major
#3961 Segmentation fault: 11 new brendan defect major
#3967 Missing/wrong last character in subject after quitting vim while replying new brendan defect major
#3573 Run Script When New Mail Arrives assigned dgc enhancement minor
#3242 mutt: does not want to open dot subdirs via imap anymore accepted lucki2791 task major 2.0
#1200 mbox From_ line format over-strict expectations accepted me defect minor
#1441 can't <view-attachments> of a message/rfc822 attachment <view-attach>ed in compose accepted me enhancement minor
#3067 PGP/MIME signatures incorrectly assigned "Content-Disposition: inline" started me enhancement minor
#3150 garbage display with combining characters and Mutt's wc functions (--without-wc-funcs) accepted me defect major
#3403 soft-fill doesn't count threads' tree lines assigned me defect minor
#3421 View limited to threads with ~() does not update properly accepted me defect major
#3475 New mail not detected in current maildir folder accepted me defect major
#3590 Apparently valid email address not accepted in mutt > 1.5.21 accepted me defect minor 1.6
#3594 Content-Disposition fails with Android 2.* MUA accepted me enhancement minor
#3597 more feedback on wrong GPG keys accepted me defect major
#3620 folder list does not respect current folder setting accepted me enhancement major
#49 mutt: confirmation on deleted attachements new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#64 mutt: set reply-to on commandline new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#123 Lack of fallback to default English responses in localized env. new mutt-dev defect trivial
#215 ! and % in full name should be quoted new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#257 Support for gzipped mail boxes? new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#261 comments in alias files are not shown in alias menue new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#333 mutt: pgp/gpg headers - Content-Disposition (wishlist) new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#345 mutt: saving/deleting a thread while in limited view doesn't work new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#395 my_hdr and Mixmaster new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#406 wish $index_format %B displays narrower list addy or alias new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#408 [PATCH] more flag data in collapsed thread view new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#428 mutt: wishlist: request for mono attributes to be applied to color terminals new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#442 better color control (wishlist) new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#467 Mutt doesn't check mailboxes automatically while it's in "browser" mode new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#498 mutt does not process PGP/MIME in digests new mutt-dev defect trivial
#507 message/partial MIME type not handled as expected new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#579 Mailbox loading should be interruptable new mutt-dev enhancement trivial 2.0
#580 mutt stores PGP passphrase insecurely reopened mutt-dev defect trivial
#624 "fcc-hook . +%F" and "save-hook . +%F" behave different: fcc pre-pends "To " new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#627 wanted: way to force interactive mode new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#655 color-only markers for line wrap indicators new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#663 IMAP should only download (large) attachments when they are viewed new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#680 Opening/searching several folders at once new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#681 rc of mutt_display_message differs between builtin and external pager new mutt-dev defect minor 2.0
#714 Lines starting From aren't escaped saving from Maildir to mbox new mutt-dev defect major
#795 mutt shows "T" in index even when the other recipient is the sender new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#855 Add comment about PGP/MIME formatted messages in messag preamble new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#885 storing number of new messages per box new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#897 Mutt should write Bcc: list in saved messages new mutt-dev defect minor
#919 Feature request with implementation: IMAP folder attributes UNSEEN and MESSAGES in folder_format new mutt-dev enhancement trivial 2.0
#920 Feature request with implementation: wildcards in 'mailboxes' list for IMAP folders new mutt-dev enhancement trivial 2.0
#947 mutt: Use of tag-functions in pager new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#949 mutt -Z should not clear the screen if there is no new mail new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#950 mutt: Better file navigation for attachments, folders new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#973 encrypt mail with more keys than recipient list (think mailinglist) new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#975 pgp-hook confirmation relief and automatic key selection new mutt-dev defect trivial
#1027 Wishlist: Change to sort/sort_aux choices new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#1048 Wishlist: New mail notification: notify in pager, report key headers in status new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#1070 unable to delete included messages if one of the included message is pgp-signed/encrypted new mutt-dev defect minor
#1076 mutt: fsync()s repeatedly when saving messages to different folder new mutt-dev defect minor
#1078 pine-like arrow navigation new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#1079 Lines enclosing a forwarded mail can't be customized from muttrc new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#1083 Attaching tagged files - problem if cursor ends up on a directory new mutt-dev defect minor
#1090 bcc:s given away through encryption new mutt-dev defect minor
#1113 No option "askto" new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#1123 Tagged Collapsed Thread tag-prefix save, saves only first message. new mutt-dev defect minor
#1126 Minor RFC differences new mutt-dev defect trivial
#1128 new subject breaks thread option reopened mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#1138 mutt shouldn't ask for passphrases for keys that doesn't have a secret-key available new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#1142 toggle-quoted should let the user know where quoted text has been removed new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
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