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#215 ! and % in full name should be quoted new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#2803 ":source file" errors will be overwritten when file has "set sort=..." and folder contains msgs new mutt-dev defect minor
#3486 "Attach:" pseudo-header cannot handle filenames with newline new mutt-dev defect trivial
#3183 "Error opening mailbox" (and death) after finishing reading in all headers. accepted brendan defect minor 2.0
#3656 "TLS connection established" message causes an annoying delay new brendan defect minor
#3306 "bind generic" does not work for keys that have default bindings new mutt-dev defect major
#2575 "bind index z noop" makes mutt ignore "bind generic z current-middle" new mutt-dev defect minor
#624 "fcc-hook . +%F" and "save-hook . +%F" behave different: fcc pre-pends "To " new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#3355 "mode-hook", for mode-specific settings new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3704 "mono indicator reverse" doesn't work anymore new mutt-dev defect major
#3333 "no mailbox" impossible to leave -- changeset 6020 new mutt-dev defect major
#3972 "set reverse_name" should scan "To:"->"CC:"->"From:" in order reopened mutt-dev enhancement major
#3786 "|" pipe command should use $PATH new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#3098 $SHELL differs from $0 in subshell new mutt-dev defect minor 2.0
#3806 $reply_filter variable to manipulate quoted replies new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#2088 %N in folder_format properly displays in "mailboxes" but not folder-browser (cTAB) view new mutt-dev defect minor
#1690 '!' in "mailboxes" offered with "change-folder" even though buffy-list says "no new mail" for '!' reopened mutt-dev defect minor
#3099 (pager.c) Background of quoted text doesn't fill the whole line new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#3930 979f1e669c16 wrecked the sort prompt new mutt-dev defect major
#2952 <BackSpace> should use terminal settings new mutt-dev defect minor
#2335 <attach-message> munges messages containing DEL new mutt-dev defect minor
#3241 <edit> doesn't work in pager for an attached message new mutt-dev defect minor
#3494 <enter> cannot be bound (only <return>) new mutt-dev defect major
#3257 <save-message> should update header cache for target folder new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#2201 <view-attach> a message/rfc822 misses $display_filter new mutt-dev defect minor
#2953 A source "command|" in /etc/Muttrc prevents screen's altscreen from working new mutt-dev defect minor
#1741 ANSI Checks Invoked AFTER display_filter :-( new mutt-dev defect trivial
#3839 Ability to "tag-prefix" a macro new mutt-dev enhancement major
#2109 Add %h{Header} new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3086 Add NNTP support new mutt-dev enhancement major
#855 Add comment about PGP/MIME formatted messages in messag preamble new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#3062 Add folder_format code so users can display both RECENT and UNSEEN when using IMAP new brendan enhancement minor
#3059 Add pattern to match ranges relative to matched results. new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#3147 Allow the user to set the pager tabshift new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#3485 An option could be added to control IMAP message fetching new brendan enhancement minor 2.0
#3590 Apparently valid email address not accepted in mutt > 1.5.21 accepted me defect minor 1.6
#3553 Apply reply_regexp as often as possible new mutt-dev defect minor
#1083 Attaching tagged files - problem if cursor ends up on a directory new mutt-dev defect minor
#3305 Attachment truncated if mime-type is multipart/related new mutt-dev defect major
#2056 Attempt re-connect when idle mailbox connection closes new brendan enhancement major 2.0
#3962 Backspace Key doesn't work in pager and Tmux new mutt-dev defect major
#1259 Bright* colors in index losing brightness in xterm. new mutt-dev defect minor
#3046 Bug mangling mbox files on new mutt-dev defect major
#2829 Bug#160678: $wrap variable (chop long lines instead of wrapping) new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#2804 Bug#305069: mutt: extra redraw, scroll when resuming new mutt-dev defect minor
#2811 Bug#413014: mutt: Handling of e-mails with multiple Message-IDs new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#3071 Bug#469489: mutt: should support CONDSTORE new brendan enhancement minor 2.0
#3072 Bug#477277: provide a second level of limit functionality new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#3110 Bug#71996: can't set empty header fields new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#3526 Building mutt-1.5.21 with SSL and SASL fails with undefined symbol infoneeded_new mutt-dev defect major
#969 Can't clear the 'N' (unseen) flag on read-only IMAP folders new brendan defect minor 2.0
#3369 Cannot send email after resume in different network new mutt-dev defect major
#3159 Changing attachment type not possible for multiple attachments at once new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#3960 Collaps history lists for save-message and change-folder new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3363 Compose Menu: Can't add attachments with space characters in their path new mutt-dev defect minor
#2101 Configurable umask new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3594 Content-Disposition fails with Android 2.* MUA accepted me enhancement minor
#1670 Context-colored indicator bar does not work with S-Lang new mutt-dev defect minor
#3530 Crash on search in IMAP(S) mailbox infoneeded_new brendan defect major
#3678 Crash with complex limit regex new mutt-dev defect major
#3467 Current default $folder folder is ignored after connecting to remote folder new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3731 Decode&Save (Esc+s) discards attachments new mutt-dev defect major
#3911 Decryption fails on PGP/MIME messages with Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 new mutt-dev defect minor
#2909 Display problems for spams with strange chars new mutt-dev defect minor
#3422 Do not remove temporary files when viewing attachments new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3591 ESS: Security Labels (RFC2634 - 3) new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#2132 Encrypting local copy of message new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3076 Enhancement of pseudo Attach: header new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3510 Expiration date of an SSL certificate not checked new mutt-dev defect major
#3660 Expose RFC 3464 functionality unavailable through sendmail(1) new brendan enhancement major
#1565 Failure to pass correct subkey when encrypting (GPG) new mutt-dev defect minor
#3332 Failures to send result in duplicate messages in record folder new mutt-dev defect trivial
#3210 Feature Request: IMAP keywords new brendan enhancement major
#2035 Feature Request: Show Subject at bottom of index new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#2256 Feature Request: folder_format add count old messages new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#919 Feature request with implementation: IMAP folder attributes UNSEEN and MESSAGES in folder_format new mutt-dev enhancement trivial 2.0
#920 Feature request with implementation: wildcards in 'mailboxes' list for IMAP folders new mutt-dev enhancement trivial 2.0
#3685 Feature request: warn about variable redefinition in muttrc new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3423 Fetch headers X pages at a time. new mutt-dev enhancement major 2.0
#3581 Folder-history ignores -f folder from CLI new mutt-dev defect minor
#2169 Four suggested changes new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3415 HTML Rendering with elinks fails with different content encodings or mail and terminal new mutt-dev defect major
#3804 HUGE_STRING is too short new mutt-dev defect minor
#3031 Handle multiple folders at the same time (via <add-folder> command) new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#2476 Handling of 'N' flag with Maildir store new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#3640 Hangs on index view when connected with gmail imap server new brendan defect major
#2776 Header colors not applied to MIME subpart headers new mutt-dev defect minor
#3361 Help should list most used operations first new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3774 Hook order requirements should be documented in manual chapter 5. new mutt-dev task minor
#3518 IDNA2008 support by libidn2 usage in mutt new mutt-dev enhancement major 2.0
#3482 IMAP Segmentation fault when fetching message headers infoneeded_new brendan defect major
#1456 IMAP folders with long path names new mutt-dev enhancement trivial 2.0
#3545 IMAP header should continue to fetch after a "tls_socket_read" failure new mutt-dev defect major
#663 IMAP should only download (large) attachments when they are viewed new mutt-dev enhancement trivial
#3490 IMAP: ignores \Recent flag but rolls its own replacement new brendan defect trivial
#3480 IPv6 literal email-address fails new mutt-dev defect minor
#3759 Illegal mbox file created from md message missing EOL at end new mutt-dev defect major
#3064 Implement "show" menu to list various internal configs as a nicely paged menu new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#3118 Implement internationalized email header support new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#3479 Incorrect MIME header decode new mutt-dev defect major
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