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#3620 folder list does not respect current folder setting accepted me enhancement major
#3623 line after full-length line vanishes new mutt-dev defect major
#3628 Woudl liek to have sendmail variable usable when smtp_url set new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3630 mutt-1.5.20: Segfault during hcache_open_db4() new mutt-dev defect major
#3640 Hangs on index view when connected with gmail imap server new brendan defect major
#3641 Latest commit causes mutt to quit after failed password attempt on OSX 10.8.3. new brendan defect major
#3647 Possibility to bind the 'abort' command of the command line editor. new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3648 TLS-received emails are missorted when sorting by date-received new mutt-dev defect major
#3649 Sorting by 'To: ' does not work right new mutt-dev defect major 1.6
#3651 vanishing input wrt entry of folders with spaces in names new mutt-dev defect major
#3652 docs are incomplete and misleading wrt the editor menu new mutt-dev defect major
#3659 mutt-(2013-10-16): Correction needed to curs_lib.c new defect major
#3660 Expose RFC 3464 functionality unavailable through sendmail(1) new brendan enhancement major
#3667 Stuck trying to send an email: all DNS lookups fail when network was brought up after mutt new brendan defect major
#3668 Switch Trac email address verification to POST request! new mutt-dev defect major
#3672 mutt won't connect to new brendan defect major
#3674 Support for True Color (16 millions colors) new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3675 implicit_autoview applies to text/plain new mutt-dev defect major
#3677 reflow_text does not play well with lines beginning with space or tab new mutt-dev defect major
#3678 Crash with complex limit regex new mutt-dev defect major
#3679 gmail imap search feature new brendan enhancement major
#3688 make{, install} has hang if there's no docbook on the machine but lynx is installed new mutt-dev defect major
#3693 The manual gives wrong location for system mime.types on OS X new mutt-dev defect major
#3695 OpenPGP: use fingerprint instead of key ID new mutt-dev defect major
#3704 "mono indicator reverse" doesn't work anymore new mutt-dev defect major
#3710 No authenticators available (SASL: No worthy mechs found) new brendan defect major
#3723 Message fetched if `color index blue red "~h 'Importance: high'"` is in place new brendan enhancement major
#3724 mime type application/pgp-encrypted breaks sending public keys with extension .asc new mutt-dev defect major
#3731 Decode&Save (Esc+s) discards attachments new mutt-dev defect major
#3739 mutt_lookup_mime_type() finds name if len(name)==len(extension) new mutt-dev defect major
#3744 incorrect long header reflow and coloring in pager when changing the terminal width new mutt-dev defect major
#3751 Provide a tmpfile to shell-escape new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3755 imap: accumulates the same certificate over and over in ~/.mutt/certificates but doesn't recognize at startup new brendan defect major
#3758 TLS certificate pinning new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3759 Illegal mbox file created from md message missing EOL at end new mutt-dev defect major
#3789 [intl] --with-included-gettext not working on Mac OS X new mutt-dev defect major
#3791 SIGQUIT (Ctrl-\) while opening mailbox made Mutt hang new mutt-dev defect major
#3796 Invoke pgp_sign_command when sending non-interactive new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3808 mutt- 'Invalid value passed to IPC' new mutt-dev defect major
#3839 Ability to "tag-prefix" a macro new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3849 ~B does not match attachments new mutt-dev defect major
#3850 Seg fault when viewing new mutt-dev defect major
#3851 Provide navigation keys in index to jump to next flagged and tagged messages new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3855 Mutt doesn't understand multiple emails addresses in angle brackets reopened brendan defect major
#3858 save sent message copy only after actually sending it new brendan defect major
#3866 interrupting mutt operations new mutt-dev defect major
#3868 mutt should error if the imported mailbox is invalid new mutt-dev defect major
#3883 incorrect display due to the use of undefined unicode character new mutt-dev defect major
#3886 provide the Content-Type when piping an attachment new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3890 mutt_mktime is ambiguous near DST change new mutt-dev defect major
#3893 mutt-1.7.0: Feature request: with mbox files, preserve D(eleted) status new defect major
#3895 Mutt fails to cross build from source new mutt-dev defect major
#3906 mutt-1.7.0: Mutt-hcache caches the display-charset-decoded header lines. new defect major
#3928 long line in body + backward scrolling breaks coloring new mutt-dev defect major
#3930 979f1e669c16 wrecked the sort prompt new mutt-dev defect major
#3946 mutt hangs on reading email new mutt-dev enhancement major
#3961 Segmentation fault: 11 new brendan defect major
#3962 Backspace Key doesn't work in pager and Tmux new mutt-dev defect major
#3967 Missing/wrong last character in subject after quitting vim while replying new brendan defect major
#3972 "set reverse_name" should scan "To:"->"CC:"->"From:" in order reopened mutt-dev enhancement major
#3979 mutt fails to compile if "--enable-compressed" is not set at configure time new mutt-dev defect major
#467 Mutt doesn't check mailboxes automatically while it's in "browser" mode new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#507 message/partial MIME type not handled as expected new mutt-dev enhancement minor 2.0
#681 rc of mutt_display_message differs between builtin and external pager new mutt-dev defect minor 2.0
#897 Mutt should write Bcc: list in saved messages new mutt-dev defect minor
#969 Can't clear the 'N' (unseen) flag on read-only IMAP folders new brendan defect minor 2.0
#1070 unable to delete included messages if one of the included message is pgp-signed/encrypted new mutt-dev defect minor
#1076 mutt: fsync()s repeatedly when saving messages to different folder new mutt-dev defect minor
#1083 Attaching tagged files - problem if cursor ends up on a directory new mutt-dev defect minor
#1090 bcc:s given away through encryption new mutt-dev defect minor
#1123 Tagged Collapsed Thread tag-prefix save, saves only first message. new mutt-dev defect minor
#1138 mutt shouldn't ask for passphrases for keys that doesn't have a secret-key available new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#1160 multiple MIME boundary new mutt-dev defect minor
#1200 mbox From_ line format over-strict expectations accepted me defect minor
#1259 Bright* colors in index losing brightness in xterm. new mutt-dev defect minor
#1266 create/delete mailboxes not available in the mailboxes view of browser when using imap reopened mutt-dev defect minor
#1317 wish $edit_charset new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#1365 message-hook triggered by <save-message> new mutt-dev defect minor
#1369 change of file designated for attachement not always realized new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#1378 compile with slang-ja new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#1404 in-place rewriting of messages unsuitable for maildir_trash new mutt-dev defect minor
#1421 Mutt generates base64 in Subject new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#1431 misleading --disable-external-dotlock functionality/ documentation vs. naming/ intuition reopened mutt-dev defect minor 2.0
#1441 can't <view-attachments> of a message/rfc822 attachment <view-attach>ed in compose accepted me enhancement minor
#1507 Mutt jumps into incorrect maildir new mutt-dev defect minor
#1565 Failure to pass correct subkey when encrypting (GPG) new mutt-dev defect minor
#1576 no search on names with reverse_alias new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#1605 MIME header copied into mail reply with 1.5.4i new mutt-dev enhancement minor
#1616 mutt grows in memory to >40MB new mutt-dev defect minor
#1653 UI for forwarding of messages inconsistant between attach context and index/pager contexts new mutt-dev defect minor
#1670 Context-colored indicator bar does not work with S-Lang new mutt-dev defect minor
#1690 '!' in "mailboxes" offered with "change-folder" even though buffy-list says "no new mail" for '!' reopened mutt-dev defect minor
#1696 status line not updated when postponed message recalled by another mutt reopened mutt-dev defect minor
#1742 Mutt Pager Kills Colors new mutt-dev defect minor
#1751 fetch_mail splits body at "From " infoneeded_new defect minor
#1768 send-hook not executed when piping a message to mutt new mutt-dev defect minor
#1771 Screen left in strange mode when piping mail with unknown mime-types new mutt-dev defect minor
#1787 Mutt does not remove the Bcc header new mutt-dev defect minor
#1798 Threading is all screwed up :-( assigned mutt-dev defect minor
#1863 mutt: ispell should check Subject a.o. header fields, too new mutt-dev enhancement minor
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