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#3963 fixed text_flowed is ignored when signing using inline PGP mutt-dev gregrs

Steps to reproduce:

  • Set up Mutt with working account and PGP
  • Use set text_flowed=yes in muttrc
  • Start Mutt
  • Start new mail with m
  • Write own address in To:
  • Write subject
  • Write short message in editor, save and quit
  • Set security to sign using inline PGP using ps pi
  • Verify that text_flowed is set using :set ?text_flowed (text_flowed is set is shown)
  • Send email (y) and enter PGP passphrase
  • View raw sent message in sent items mailbox. Header shows Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; x-action=pgp-signed but not format=flowed.
#3959 fixed Feature Request: Use xdg-mime to determine mime-type mutt-dev boruch

For systems that have package xdg-utils available/installed, program xdg-mime can return a mime-type for a file without needing to identify it by filename extension. For example:

$ xdg-mime query filetype ~/patch_patch-patch

returns: text/x-patch

OTOH, mutt (v1.7) recognizes the file as plain text.

Also, by default, mutt recognizes files with extension .patch as mime-type text/x-diff, which is close but not exact.

Alternatively, package 'file' includes the command-line program file, which also has a mime-type option:

$ file --mime-type ~/patch_patch-patch

returns: text/x-diff

#3958 invalid unnecessary dependency chain - notmuch & xapian mutt-dev boruch

In debian, upon upgrading from mutt v1.5 to v1.7, mutt failed to start, because of a bug in . . . xapian. It turns out that mutt depends upon libnotmuch, which in turn depends upon xapian, which strikes me as an example of "dependency creep" to draw in more and more packages that aren't necessarily needed or wanted.

The xapian issue has been fixed. This ticket is to request eliminating the "dependency creep" for people who don't need or want notmuch / xapian.




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