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#3951 invalid mutt is superslow mutt-dev ps

Newer version of mutt are unbearably slow for bigger mailboxes (>20k msgs).

  1. Moving through index takes ages. Every time new page with messages is to be drawn one has to wait seconds. This makes any faster movement through the mailbox practically impossible.

It is probably related to some buffering mechanism, because if I scroll back to previous page it renders instantaneously.

I use mailbox already stored in local file, so it has nothing to do with IMAP. It happened also quite some time ago: version 1.5.16 (2007) works just fine, newer 1.5.21(2010) shows the symptoms. Just tried 1.8.3, symptoms remain.

Necessary precondition is that you use customized coloring, I have approx 10 lines in the form: color index cyan default "(~h mail1@… | ~h mail2@… | ~h mail3@…)"

Jumping to next threads is just annoyingly slow, trying to navigate quickly through the index became impossible.

  1. Searching through mailbox is order of magnitude slower than it used to be, not sure, whether this is the same bug.
#3950 worksforme Prune unusable keys from PGP key selection menu mutt-dev madduck

When sending an encrypted message, if mutt/GPG can't determine a single key for (each of) the recipient(s), it displays a menu with all matching keys, allowing the user to choose.

The displayed list of keys includes expired and revoked keys, which can't be selected anyway, as mutt will refuse to employ such unusable keys.

Please consider pruning the list of keys of all the unusable keys before deciding whether it's necessary to show the menu (if n>1).

Thanks, martin

#3949 fixed printf called without format mutt-dev tamo

Just FYI.

clang with the default CFLAGS (-Wall -pedantic -Wno-long-long) produces a number of warnings.

warning: format string is not a string literal (potentially insecure) [-Wformat-security]

True, clang is a little pedantic here (as CFLAGS tells it to be so), but

printf(_("Just a string, not a format string.\n"));

can be replaced with puts().

I don't know which is better, to ignore the warnings or to modify the code.

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