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#1016 imap_home_namespace documentation brendan defect minor IMAP
#2090 imap_delim_chars is not used consequently brendan enhancement minor IMAP 1.5.10
#2121 cache makes mutt crash if there are too many messages mutt-dev defect major IMAP 1.5.9i (Debian) and CVS HEAD
#2540 Mutt crashes after IMAP timeout brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.13-1 (Debian Package)
#2561 IMAP mail count in Mailboxes view not registering true count when using multiple accounts. brendan defect minor IMAP
#2676 mutt + imap header results in a NULL pointer dereference crash mutt-dev defect major IMAP 1.5.13
#2747 imap_keepalive ignored when less than timeout and too much idle brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.13cvs (2007-01-09)
#2749 %l in status_format (total size of folder) fails for IMAP servers brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.13cvs (2007-01-09)
#2772 Patch imap_recent option to use RECENT instead of UNSEEN brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.14
#2892 Mutt blocks with imap server brendan defect major IMAP
#2897 message counts in mailbox view all zero (IMAP, courier) brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.19
#2908 Subscribed IMAP mailboxes don't show up if inital authentication failed brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.15
#2910 Number of new mails in change-folder view brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.16
#2935 Occasional segfault when IMAP inbox updates brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.19
#2985 segfault in mx_update_context brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.18
#3000 Deleting >50k messages from IMAP boxes fails with Fatal error: brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.17
#3002 mutt-1.5.17: 'N'ew flag keeps being set on mails in IMAP folders brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.17
#3041 imap fetch segfault brendan defect major IMAP
#3057 mutt-1.5.18: mutt crashes while accessing imap mailboxes defined brendan defect major IMAP
#3138 IMAP: leaf folders in LSUB are not recognized correctly (was: problem with backslash as folder separator) brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.18
#3143 Segmentation fault in index menu with IMAP account brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.18
#3151 regression between revisions 5546 and 5554 brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.19
#3154 new message count not reported until :mailboxes set a second time brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.19
#3155 tunnel drops, mutt won't quit brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.19
#3161 mutt: segfault when IMAP server closes connection brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.19
#3163 message cache partially invalid after network problem brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.19
#3173 Mutt with gmail crashes after IMAP timeout brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.20
#3214 imap: segfault after reconnecting to imap server which closed the connection. brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.19
#3216 regression in r5664, mutt does not poll some imap mailboxes brendan defect major IMAP
#3226 segfault in imap_sync_mailbox brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.18
#3287 imap recent not honoured brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.20
#3288 seg fault in mx_update_context brendan defect critical IMAP 1.5.20
#3335 intermittent crashes with marking read the last couple of mails in an IMAP folder me defect minor IMAP 1.5.20
#2874 broken flowed text quoting mutt-dev defect major MIME 1.5.15
#2846 Security vulnerability in APOP authentication mutt-dev defect major POP
#2117 smtp patch does not tell you when your password is incorrect brendan defect minor SMTP HEAD
#2915 Segfault sending plain SMTP message. brendan defect major SMTP 1.5.16
#3015 Segmentation Fault on redirection operator mutt-dev defect major SMTP
#3141 mutt is confused by AUTH= response brendan defect major SMTP 1.5.18
#3142 [SMTP] Invalid EHLO for some smtp sessions brendan defect major SMTP 1.5.18
#3266 mutt-1.5.19: Complete hang while sending mail through SMTPS brendan defect major SMTP 1.5.19
#3805 SMTP Failure brendan defect major SMTP 1.5.23
#3284 body cache depends on $charset pdmef defect minor body cache 1.5.20
#1615 mutt breaks if _POSIX2_VERSION=200111 with recent coreutils mutt-dev defect minor build
#2303 problem with "ac_cv_lib_ssl_SSL_new" test mutt-dev enhancement minor build Mutt/1.5.11
#2355 Mutt can't be built with a separate build dir and read-only source dir mutt-dev defect minor build cvs
#2525 mutt 1.5.12 attempts to include posix1_lim.h mutt-dev defect minor build 1.5.12
#2538 "make -j2 dist" does not work (bad dependency?) mutt-dev defect trivial build cvs
#2823 warning: ISO C90 does not support... mutt-dev defect minor build 1.5.14
#2844 mutt doesn't link under Solaris 8/Sparc mutt-dev defect major build
#2905 configure script doesn't take care on docdir parameter mutt-dev defect minor build 1.5.15
#2932 autoconf BDB check mutt-dev defect minor build 1.5.16
#3060 configure - optional braces not displayed mutt-dev defect minor build 1.5.18
#3122 mutt doesn't build without idn support mutt-dev defect major build 1.5.18
#3149 Missing #undef's in mbyte.h leads to bad compilation with --without-wc-funcs mutt-dev defect major build 1.5.19
#3528 not compatible with sort from coreutils 6.12 dgc defect trivial build 1.5.21
#3671 warning installing mutt-1.5.22 (release) on OS X 10.9 kevin8t8 defect trivial build 1.5.22
#1668 Very irritating error ("bad IDN") when an unknown charset (eg. typo: "ise-8859-1") is specified mutt-dev defect minor charset 1.5.4i
#3033 text_enriched_handler and UTF-8 (and charsets as a whole) mutt-dev defect minor charset
#2545 Cannot open message with pgp key attachment mutt-dev defect major crypto 1.5.13
#2684 crash on s/mime verification mutt-dev defect major crypto tried with 1.5.13 and 1.5.13cvs (2007-01-09)
#2839 GnuPG and GnuPG clients unsigned data injection vulnerability mutt-dev defect minor crypto
#2878 PGP "Sign as:" menu displays all keys instead of just secret keys mutt-dev defect trivial crypto 1.5.15
#2912 Unenlightening error message "Could not copy message" when decryption fails mutt-dev defect minor crypto
#2913 no locale for gpgme context set mutt-dev defect minor crypto 1.5.16
#2918 Unable to check mails signed traditional when using gpgme mutt-dev defect major crypto 1.5.16
#2919 never used local variable in crypt_gpgme.c mutt-dev task trivial crypto 1.5.16
#2994 Wrong parameter micalg for S/MIME with mutt 1.5.17 and gpgme mutt-dev defect minor crypto 1.5.17
#3039 wrong/ignored character set for traditional PGP mutt-dev defect minor crypto 1.5.17
#3058 [PATCH] mutt keys unmapped after pinentry-curses use mutt-dev defect minor crypto 1.5.18
#3069 smime crash when replying to mail mutt-dev defect major crypto 1.5.18
#3192 ssl_use_sslv2 should be disabled by default mutt-dev defect trivial crypto
#3239 patch for to use pkg-config while detecting gnutls brendan defect minor crypto
#3639 Handling of inconsistent smime signed messages. mutt-dev defect minor crypto 1.5.21
#286 Muttrc default value (weak header weeding) mutt-dev defect minor display 1.2.5i
#862 format=flowed handler isn't utf-8 aware mutt-dev defect minor display
#2087 "%>" in pager_format overshoots by 10 repetitions me defect minor display 1.5.11
#2191 file sizes >2GB reported incorrectly mutt-dev defect trivial display 1.5.11
#2207 Display problem after enlarging the terminal mutt-dev defect trivial display cvs + patches
#2899 progress display is now too slow for common operations mutt-dev defect minor display 1.5.15
#2906 space stuffed empty lines are not displayed with f=f mutt-dev defect trivial display 1.5.15
#2929 progress bar when opening mailboxes doesn't show percentage any more mutt-dev defect minor display 1.5.16
#2948 Browser should pretty-print current directory pdmef enhancement minor display 1.5.16
#3005 almost all colors are bright if bright is used for "normal" me defect minor display 1.5.17
#3022 progress not cleared mutt-dev defect trivial display
#3048 ZWSP at start of line causes display problems in pager mutt-dev defect minor display 1.5.17
#3061 display broken when a mail contains U+FEFF mutt-dev defect minor display 1.5.18
#3080 incorrect display of headers related to folding pdmef defect minor display 1.5.18
#3088 index redraw broken when sorting changes mutt-dev defect major display 1.5.18
#3092 mutt-1.5.18: sync on thread sorted mailbox mispositions index message position brendan defect minor display 1.5.18
#3146 bad alignment in help screen mutt-dev defect minor display 1.5.18
#3170 mutt: Attachments are automatically displayed even with 'Content-Disposition: attachment' pdmef defect minor display 1.5.19
#3270 Index should display tabs as spaces in Subject line, for `broken' mailclients mutt-dev defect major display
#1463 document quote_regexp and quotedN colorization behaviour mutt-dev defect trivial doc 1.4i
#1894 $index_format %F %f documented behaviour mismatch mutt-dev defect minor doc
#2185 In manual.xml, "screen" contents should not exceed 79 columns mutt-dev defect minor doc cvs
#2886 inconsistent use of backslash in regexps mutt-dev defect major doc 1.5.15
#2940 muttrc man page contains formatting errors mutt-dev defect minor doc 1.5.16
#2979 dsn_notify also works with postfix 2.3 mutt-dev enhancement minor doc 1.5.16
#3109 Improve manual for 1.6 pdmef enhancement minor doc 1.5.18
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