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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3443 Mutt crashed in mutt_break_thread() me defect major mutt
#3650 Mutt is leaking BCC: when you GPG encrypt a message for TO: mutt-dev defect major crypto 1.5.21
#2164 unrelevant 'bad IDN' error message mutt-dev defect minor mutt
#2175 IMAP header cache segfault mutt-dev defect minor IMAP 1.5.11
#3105 -a does not work with multiple filenames mutt-dev defect minor mutt 1.5.18
#3843 hangs changing to Deleted Items folder with Office365 brendan defect minor IMAP 1.6.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2033 buffer overflow in attachment decoding function mutt-dev defect major mutt 1.4.2 (stable) and 1.5.9 (snapshot)
#2570 crash when other MUA accesses IMAP brendan defect major IMAP CVS 2006-11-21
#2890 SMTP support: "...sending in background" brendan defect major mutt 1.5.15
#2922 Couldn't lock /sent mutt-dev defect major mutt 1.5.16
#2930 PGP related key bindings do not work when mutt is compiled with GPGME. mutt-dev defect major crypto 1.5.16
#2951 mutt-1.5.16: smtp error 550 causes blocking brendan defect major SMTP 1.5.18
#2961 Mutt freezes when sending email messages to accounts through Google's SMTP server brendan defect major SMTP 1.5.16
#2966 Crash when opening encrypted message mutt-dev defect major mutt 1.5.16
#3028 mutt segfaults while moving messages from gmail brendan defect major IMAP 1.5.18
#3084 mutt 1.5.6i: Segmentation fault when trying to write mailbox (as non-root) mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3119 problem setting Fcc to save email on Zimbra IMAP server brendan defect major IMAP
#3152 mutt crashes by trying to display the list of mailboxes the second time mutt-dev defect major IMAP 1.5.18
#3301 -O2 optimization breaks encryption pdmef defect major build 1.5.20
#3409 IMAP-folder added to "mailboxes" per "imap_check_subscribed" won't report new mail on start but only later me defect major IMAP 1.5.20
#3424 Mutt falsely detects its own mbox writes as new mail. me defect major mutt 1.5.20
#3451 Mutt crashed after a Ctrl-Z when running a macro with a pipe mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3692 multipart/alternative messages don't display other attachments in body mutt-dev defect major mutt 1.5.23
#3762 Segmentation fault in pgp_keys when a subkey is of type "authentication" mutt-dev defect major crypto 1.5.23
#3841 shownoascii: not found mutt-dev defect major charset 1.6.1
#937 Mutt closes POP connection and hangs mutt-dev defect minor POP 1.3.24i
#1555 crash while querying address from ldap mutt-dev defect minor mutt
#2031 mutt crashes reading some mbox with sort=threads mutt-dev defect minor display
#2277 mailboxes in "mailboxes" directives do not auto-fill in change folder dialog when they have new mail brendan defect minor IMAP 1.5.11
#2646 check_new incorrectly uses mh_seq_unseen mutt-dev defect minor mutt
#3153 "recall" setting lags "postponed" setting brendan defect minor mutt 1.5.19
#3830 mutt_dotlock not installed in 1.6.0 mutt-dev defect minor build 1.6.0

Resolution: None (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3148 Need local implementations for fgetwc, ungetwc, fputws mutt-dev defect major charset 1.5.19
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