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#3666 Problem with token generation in maildir_check_mailbox (mh.c line ~ 1900) mutt-dev defect critical maildir/mh
#714 Lines starting From aren't escaped saving from Maildir to mbox mutt-dev defect major mutt
#2448 S/MIME decrypting keyid selection mutt-dev defect major crypto
#2827 deleting attachment on imap and sync removes message from index mutt-dev defect major IMAP
#2893 fcc_attach=no should record filenames (like deleted attachments) mutt-dev defect major mutt
#2944 mutt-1.5.16cvs: "bind map KEY noop" KEY rebound to macro does not activate despite listing against unbound in key bindings display. mutt-dev defect major mutt
#2988 Mutt should recognize tab (width) mutt-dev enhancement major display
#3006 mutt-1.5.17: MIME boundaries should not be displayed on the only text/plain part mutt-dev defect major display
#3046 Bug mangling mbox files on mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3086 Add NNTP support mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3188 mutt-1.5.18: Brightness problem with ncurses mutt-dev defect major display
#3201 mutt-1.5.16: Saving attachments within mutt doesn't work well with POSIX ACLs. mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3210 Feature Request: IMAP keywords brendan enhancement major IMAP
#3305 Attachment truncated if mime-type is multipart/related mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3306 "bind generic" does not work for keys that have default bindings mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3313 mutt not remembering that there's a postponed message mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3320 alias in the from field does not get expanded in mutt 1.5.20 mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3333 "no mailbox" impossible to leave -- changeset 6020 mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3337 [Bcc header showing] Mutt + Exim mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3338 mutt unable to download and read header_cache from gmail if the number of headers is large. mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3340 Sending batch-mode SMTP messages cores if .mutt_certificates is missing or empty mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3342 mutt should use the Sender: header for evenlope from (for both sendmail and smtp) mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3343 unset write_bcc removes BCC header in sent folder copy mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3345 Mutt fails during SSL certificate checks mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3346 non-ASCII character in Subject not correctly handled with $edit_headers under UTF-8 locales mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3347 pgpewrap compilation depends on optimization turned on mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3351 Mails sent via mutt's batch mode don't end up in $record mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3355 "mode-hook", for mode-specific settings mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3357 imap server socket communication trouble brendan defect major IMAP
#3359 mutt-1.5.20: segfault when entering an imap folder using db4 and hcache mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3361 Help should list most used operations first mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3366 mutt-1.5.20: message-hooks and alternative_order don't seem to get along mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3367 mutt-1.5.20hg: Cursor's shape is not preserved on a text console mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3369 Cannot send email after resume in different network mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3382 RFE: auto-collect email addresses for future use mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3383 RFE: disregard email from auto-collection if matches specified regex pattern mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3387 Mutt assumes that IMAP password and SSL client certificate password (if set) are the same mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3390 chdir dialog is nearly useless (and crashes mutt) mutt-dev defect major user interface
#3392 Whitespace garbage in pager mode mutt-dev defect major user interface
#3398 mutt 1.5.20 core dumps when trying to use smtp to send mail mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3405 NTLM authentication hangs (and fails) on outgoing mails (exchange) mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3408 Progress indicator when closing/changing mailbox. mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3413 incorrect charset of forwarded attachment in MIME format mutt-dev defect major charset
#3415 HTML Rendering with elinks fails with different content encodings or mail and terminal mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3418 ~h should be usable in send-hooks mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3420 option to write fcc only after sendmail exits successfully mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3422 Do not remove temporary files when viewing attachments mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3453 mutt-1.5.18: wrap line as they can be selected with a double click mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3464 Provide means to classify addresses expanded from aliases mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3465 imap4 partial fetch request mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3471 utf-8 not detected mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3476 copyright years are not up-to-date mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3479 Incorrect MIME header decode mutt-dev defect major MIME
#3494 <enter> cannot be bound (only <return>) mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3497 Mutt crashes when terminal window becomes too small mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3499 MUTT and GMAIL SMTP RELAY. Issues using mutt from command line mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3502 Issue with browsing IMAP folders, having a non-ASCII characters in names brendan defect major IMAP
#3510 Expiration date of an SSL certificate not checked mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3519 Select nearest message when changing filters mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3532 Use $SHELL when running mailcap-related commands mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3533 Mutt freezes on SASL authentication failure (imap) mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3535 check for new mail from the internal viewer in maildir mailboxes mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3539 User Input is often ignored mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3540 Mutt crashes when connection terminates unexpectedly mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3542 mutt sometimes fails to detect new messages in the current maildir mutt-dev defect major maildir/mh
#3543 mutt-1.5.20: charset-hook doesn't work for header line mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3545 IMAP header should continue to fetch after a "tls_socket_read" failure mutt-dev defect major header cache
#3560 printf statement in mbox-hook mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3561 Incorrect names of sent attachments with non-ascii characters mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3563 NO Beep for New Messages, but "beep_new" is set mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3569 Segmentation fault in sync_helper mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3572 Mutt doesn't know popular audio formats mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3583 mutt-1.5.21: extract-keys does not extract PGP keys from S/MIME signed mail mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3586 make "simple search keywords" optional mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3623 line after full-length line vanishes mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3628 Woudl liek to have sendmail variable usable when smtp_url set mutt-dev enhancement major mutt
#3630 mutt-1.5.20: Segfault during hcache_open_db4() mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3640 Hangs on index view when connected with gmail imap server brendan defect major IMAP
#3641 Latest commit causes mutt to quit after failed password attempt on OSX 10.8.3. brendan defect major IMAP
#3647 Possibility to bind the 'abort' command of the command line editor. mutt-dev enhancement major user interface
#3648 TLS-received emails are missorted when sorting by date-received mutt-dev defect major browser
#3651 vanishing input wrt entry of folders with spaces in names mutt-dev defect major user interface
#3652 docs are incomplete and misleading wrt the editor menu mutt-dev defect major doc
#3659 mutt-(2013-10-16): Correction needed to curs_lib.c defect major
#3660 Expose RFC 3464 functionality unavailable through sendmail(1) brendan enhancement major SMTP
#3667 Stuck trying to send an email: all DNS lookups fail when network was brought up after mutt brendan defect major IMAP
#3668 Switch Trac email address verification to POST request! mutt-dev defect major user interface
#3672 mutt won't connect to brendan defect major SMTP
#3674 Support for True Color (16 millions colors) mutt-dev enhancement major user interface
#3675 implicit_autoview applies to text/plain mutt-dev defect major MIME
#3677 reflow_text does not play well with lines beginning with space or tab mutt-dev defect major display
#3678 Crash with complex limit regex mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3679 gmail imap search feature brendan enhancement major IMAP
#3688 make{, install} has hang if there's no docbook on the machine but lynx is installed mutt-dev defect major mutt
#3693 The manual gives wrong location for system mime.types on OS X mutt-dev defect major doc
#3695 OpenPGP: use fingerprint instead of key ID mutt-dev defect major crypto
#3704 "mono indicator reverse" doesn't work anymore mutt-dev defect major display
#3710 No authenticators available (SASL: No worthy mechs found) brendan defect major SMTP
#3723 Message fetched if `color index blue red "~h 'Importance: high'"` is in place brendan enhancement major IMAP
#3724 mime type application/pgp-encrypted breaks sending public keys with extension .asc mutt-dev defect major mutt
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