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#3893 mutt-1.7.0: Feature request: with mbox files, preserve D(eleted) status defect new Nov 13, 2016
#3906 mutt-1.7.0: Mutt-hcache caches the display-charset-decoded header lines. defect new Jan 16, 2017
#3961 Segmentation fault: 11 IMAP defect brendan new Aug 14, 2017
#3967 Missing/wrong last character in subject after quitting vim while replying IMAP defect brendan new Sep 11, 2017
#3895 Mutt fails to cross build from source build defect mutt-dev new Nov 14, 2016
#3919 configure.ac does not set -I... flags for --with-ssl build defect mutt-dev new Mar 1, 2017
#3876 Support TOFU for GPGME 1.7.0 and newer crypto enhancement mutt-dev new Sep 21, 2016
#3930 979f1e669c16 wrecked the sort prompt display defect mutt-dev new Apr 17, 2017
#3939 Online Help for Search patterns. doc enhancement mutt-dev new May 7, 2017
#3630 mutt-1.5.20: Segfault during hcache_open_db4() mutt defect mutt-dev new Jan 26, 2013
#3849 ~B does not match attachments mutt defect mutt-dev new Jul 5, 2016
#3855 Mutt doesn't understand multiple emails addresses in angle brackets mutt defect brendan reopened Jul 17, 2016
#3851 Provide navigation keys in index to jump to next flagged and tagged messages mutt enhancement mutt-dev new Jul 5, 2016
#3960 Collaps history lists for save-message and change-folder mutt enhancement mutt-dev new Aug 8, 2017
#3975 Not plain/text /usr/share/doc/mutt/manual.txt.gz mutt defect mutt-dev new Sep 27, 2017
#3850 Seg fault when viewing user interface defect mutt-dev new Jul 5, 2016
#3962 Backspace Key doesn't work in pager and Tmux user interface defect mutt-dev new Aug 21, 2017
#2938 mutt freezes some times when accessing imap folders or messages IMAP defect new Aug 3, 2007
#3357 imap server socket communication trouble IMAP defect brendan new Nov 23, 2009
#3641 Latest commit causes mutt to quit after failed password attempt on OSX 10.8.3. IMAP defect brendan new Apr 24, 2013
#2056 Attempt re-connect when idle mailbox connection closes IMAP enhancement brendan new Sep 6, 2005
#3210 Feature Request: IMAP keywords IMAP enhancement brendan new Mar 30, 2009
#3679 gmail imap search feature IMAP enhancement brendan new Mar 6, 2014
#3517 unable to append a message to a folder on a buggy imap server IMAP defect brendan new May 20, 2011
#3656 "TLS connection established" message causes an annoying delay IMAP defect brendan new Oct 18, 2013
#2339 Only retrieve one screenful at a time of messages IMAP enhancement mutt-dev new Jul 7, 2006
#2743 new status_format items to show quota (used/max) in IMAP server IMAP enhancement mutt-dev new Feb 6, 2007
#3062 Add folder_format code so users can display both RECENT and UNSEEN when using IMAP IMAP enhancement brendan new May 27, 2008
#3136 Please merge sendbox mode (Outbox for some IMAP servers) IMAP enhancement brendan new Nov 23, 2008
#3140 ignore old flag set by other mail clients IMAP enhancement brendan new Dec 14, 2008
#3686 RFC6186 (SRV records for IMAP/POP) support IMAP enhancement brendan new May 6, 2014
#3708 QP-encoded tabulators (=09) will not be displayed but via replacement character (?) MIME defect mutt-dev new Sep 25, 2014
#3672 mutt won't connect to smtp-mail.outlook.com SMTP defect brendan new Dec 9, 2013
#3576 Makes new connection to the SMTP server for every mail, even when sending several in one action SMTP enhancement brendan new Apr 22, 2012
#3529 trac logs me out while writing a ticket browser defect mutt-dev infoneeded_new Jun 29, 2011
#2925 directory browser: use destination's time + size rather than symlink's browser enhancement mutt-dev new Jun 27, 2007
#3437 separate sorting settings for folder, mailbox, and IMAP browsers browser enhancement mutt-dev new Aug 4, 2010
#2851 cannot attach files in dirs with a "cur" subdirectory browser defect mutt-dev new Mar 16, 2007
#950 mutt: Better file navigation for attachments, folders browser enhancement mutt-dev new Jan 7, 2002
#1268 open directory view with cursor on current mailbox or subdir left browser enhancement mutt-dev new Jul 10, 2002
#2889 version date is incorrect when ChangeLog is not up-to-date build defect mutt-dev new May 16, 2007
#3413 incorrect charset of forwarded attachment in MIME format charset defect mutt-dev new May 26, 2010
#1879 mutt: Wrong ISO2022 -> locale charset conversion charset defect mutt-dev new May 19, 2004
#3121 Mutt should not use invalid charset when sending a message charset enhancement mutt-dev new Sep 20, 2008
#3758 TLS certificate pinning crypto enhancement mutt-dev new Jun 24, 2015
#2775 OpenPGP message headers not shown on display-toggle-weed crypto defect mutt-dev new Feb 17, 2007
#2904 recursive pgp_check_traditional() will crash on complicated multipart messages crypto defect mutt-dev new Jun 2, 2007
#1138 mutt shouldn't ask for passphrases for keys that doesn't have a secret-key available crypto enhancement mutt-dev new Mar 29, 2002
#2132 Encrypting local copy of message crypto enhancement mutt-dev new Nov 9, 2005
#2992 Re: wish: enable encrytion to arbitrary number of keys (was: Re: crypto enhancement mutt-dev new Nov 23, 2007
#3052 [PATCH] Customisable description for MIME cryptographic signatures crypto enhancement mutt-dev new May 4, 2008
#3067 PGP/MIME signatures incorrectly assigned "Content-Disposition: inline" crypto enhancement me started May 31, 2008
#498 mutt does not process PGP/MIME in digests crypto defect mutt-dev new Mar 8, 2001
#973 encrypt mail with more keys than recipient list (think mailinglist) crypto enhancement mutt-dev new Jan 13, 2002
#1437 Verify signatures in background crypto enhancement mutt-dev new Jan 13, 2003
#3175 mutt should display keyid for which it wants the password crypto enhancement mutt-dev new Jan 27, 2009
#3006 mutt-1.5.17: MIME boundaries should not be displayed on the only text/plain part display defect mutt-dev new Dec 23, 2007
#3188 mutt-1.5.18: Brightness problem with ncurses display defect mutt-dev new Feb 10, 2009
#2988 Mutt should recognize tab (width) display enhancement mutt-dev new Nov 19, 2007
#2019 menu_context itches display defect mutt-dev reopened Aug 1, 2005
#2155 Mutt displays garbage display defect mutt-dev new Dec 21, 2005
#2804 Bug#305069: mutt: extra redraw, scroll when resuming display defect mutt-dev new Feb 27, 2007
#1441 can't <view-attachments> of a message/rfc822 attachment <view-attach>ed in compose display enhancement me accepted Jan 20, 2003
#2829 Bug#160678: $wrap variable (chop long lines instead of wrapping) display enhancement mutt-dev new Mar 7, 2007
#2916 Message Age in $index_format; %g display enhancement mutt-dev new Jun 20, 2007
#3064 Implement "show" menu to list various internal configs as a nicely paged menu display enhancement mutt-dev new May 30, 2008
#3807 query_format should handle unicode string display enhancement mutt-dev new Feb 21, 2016
#428 mutt: wishlist: request for mono attributes to be applied to color terminals display enhancement mutt-dev new Jan 16, 2001
#655 color-only markers for line wrap indicators display enhancement mutt-dev new Jun 11, 2001
#1861 colors within $status_format not yet possible display enhancement mutt-dev new Apr 19, 2004
#3032 odd/even row colorization display enhancement mutt-dev new Feb 17, 2008
#3147 Allow the user to set the pager tabshift display enhancement mutt-dev new Jan 5, 2009
#3652 docs are incomplete and misleading wrt the editor menu doc defect mutt-dev new Sep 15, 2013
#3693 The manual gives wrong location for system mime.types on OS X doc defect mutt-dev new Jun 1, 2014
#3663 mutt.org links for screenshots & Michael Elkin's homepage is broken doc defect mutt-dev new Oct 23, 2013
#3694 The manual leaves out a place where "mailcap" can be automatically found doc defect mutt-dev new Jun 16, 2014
#3257 <save-message> should update header cache for target folder header cache enhancement mutt-dev new Jun 13, 2009
#2883 mutt gets confused when a message disappears from a maildir maildir/mh defect mutt-dev infoneeded_new Apr 24, 2007
#2963 optimization: link() can be used in e.g. mbox-hook for maildirs maildir/mh enhancement mutt-dev new Sep 22, 2007
#2460 mutt does not write the maildir P flag maildir/mh enhancement mutt-dev new Aug 30, 2006
#2893 fcc_attach=no should record filenames (like deleted attachments) mutt defect mutt-dev new May 23, 2007
#2958 mutt-1.5.16: mutt crash at start when enabling header caching in nsf directory with a (non-root) install mutt defect mutt-dev new Sep 16, 2007
#3045 mutt-1.5.17: limiting by body pattern without gpg-agent asks for passphrase over and over again mutt defect mutt-dev infoneeded_new Apr 11, 2008
#3201 mutt-1.5.16: Saving attachments within mutt doesn't work well with POSIX ACLs. mutt defect mutt-dev new Mar 11, 2009
#3306 "bind generic" does not work for keys that have default bindings mutt defect mutt-dev new Jul 25, 2009
#3313 mutt not remembering that there's a postponed message mutt defect mutt-dev new Aug 11, 2009
#3320 alias in the from field does not get expanded in mutt 1.5.20 mutt defect mutt-dev new Aug 27, 2009
#3333 "no mailbox" impossible to leave -- changeset 6020 mutt defect mutt-dev new Sep 10, 2009
#3342 mutt should use the Sender: header for evenlope from (for both sendmail and smtp) mutt defect mutt-dev new Sep 27, 2009
#3346 non-ASCII character in Subject not correctly handled with $edit_headers under UTF-8 locales mutt defect mutt-dev new Oct 21, 2009
#3347 pgpewrap compilation depends on optimization turned on mutt defect mutt-dev new Oct 22, 2009
#3359 mutt-1.5.20: segfault when entering an imap folder using db4 and hcache mutt defect mutt-dev new Dec 7, 2009
#3366 mutt-1.5.20: message-hooks and alternative_order don't seem to get along mutt defect mutt-dev new Jan 10, 2010
#3367 mutt-1.5.20hg: Cursor's shape is not preserved on a text console mutt defect mutt-dev new Jan 12, 2010
#3453 mutt-1.5.18: wrap line as they can be selected with a double click mutt defect mutt-dev new Sep 20, 2010
#3475 New mail not detected in current maildir folder mutt defect me accepted Dec 5, 2010
#3476 copyright years are not up-to-date mutt defect mutt-dev new Dec 5, 2010
#3526 Building mutt-1.5.21 with SSL and SASL fails with undefined symbol mutt defect mutt-dev infoneeded_new Jun 26, 2011
#3535 check for new mail from the internal viewer in maildir mailboxes mutt defect mutt-dev new Aug 21, 2011
#3539 User Input is often ignored mutt defect mutt-dev new Sep 21, 2011
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