Jul 25, 2007:

6:44 PM Ticket #2935 (Occasional segfault when IMAP inbox updates) created by skunk
Version: mutt-20070709 Platform: Debian/etch on amd64 I have an …
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hg up -C HEAD (diff)

Jul 19, 2007:

12:23 PM Ticket #2934 (does not honor Reply-To when replying to message from self) created by adeodato
This comes from http://bugs.debian.org/433829. When replying to a …

Jul 18, 2007:

7:56 PM Ticket #2933 (erroneously QP-encoded for PE executable) created by hubertwslin
I sent the sample file attached with Mutt -a, but after saving the …

Jul 16, 2007:

12:37 PM Ticket #2931 (BDB support in header cache broken) closed by brendan
10:47 AM Ticket #2907 (is_shell_char - nonstatic function, static data) closed by brendan
fixed: (In [bd75134a6b65]) Make is_shell_char static. Closes #2907.
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10:17 AM WikiStart edited by brendan
9:45 AM Ticket #2927 (Segfault on startup when muttrc spam setting used %1 but the regex ...) closed by brendan
fixed: (In [1d6b9fb4a927]) Check that spam expression has enough matches for …
8:18 AM Ticket #2932 (autoconf BDB check) created by cludwig
![Note: I already reported this issue in a …
8:04 AM Ticket #2931 (BDB support in header cache broken) created by cludwig
If mutt (changeset f4b2c6eba5fd from http://dev.mutt.org/hg/mutt) is …

Jul 14, 2007:

7:49 AM Ticket #2930 (PGP related key bindings do not work when mutt is compiled with GPGME.) created by lars
mutt does nothing when trying to use certain pgp functions like: …

Jul 13, 2007:

10:22 AM Ticket #2929 (progress bar when opening mailboxes doesn't show percentage any more) created by brendan
The new progress bar API doesn't support a percentage count for …
10:15 AM Ticket #2914 (mutt-1.5.16: Patches for minor enhancements) closed by brendan
wontfix: As far as I can tell, the visual editor trick could be done with a …

Jul 6, 2007:

9:11 AM Ticket #2920 (Mailboxes count is 0 even when there's RECENT and UNSEEN messages, ...) closed by brendan
duplicate: linking this to #2897

Jul 4, 2007:

5:38 PM Ticket #2894 (mutt dumps core when opening a not existent imap mailbox.) closed by brendan
fixed: fixed in 1.5.16.
5:36 PM Ticket #2919 (never used local variable in crypt_gpgme.c) closed by brendan
fixed: (In [f24fa301493f]) Fix some compiler warnings in GPGME. Closes #2919.
5:33 PM Ticket #2918 (Unable to check mails signed traditional when using gpgme) closed by brendan
fixed: Thank you for the patch! I'm afraid I didn't notice the bug report …

Jul 1, 2007:

2:55 PM Ticket #2928 (Read mail while downloading it) created by nepbabu.cx
Reason :- I use lot of emails forwarded to one mail account. So my …

Jun 29, 2007:

4:16 PM Ticket #2927 (Segfault on startup when muttrc spam setting used %1 but the regex ...) created by smallm
I made a mistake adding a spam setting in my muttrc which caused mutt …
1:48 AM Ticket #2926 (unnecessary scroll in pager) created by vinc17
When viewing a message with <display-message>, Mutt sometimes scroll …

Jun 27, 2007:

1:07 PM Ticket #2925 (directory browser: use destination's time + size rather than symlink's) created by rado
When have symlinks in directory, only interesting property is the type …

Jun 26, 2007:

2:01 AM Ticket #2924 (mutt shows less pager index lines than configured) created by LeSpocky
I have the following line in my .muttrc […] Mutt only shows 4 index …

Jun 25, 2007:

11:14 AM Ticket #2923 (Potential reference to unitialized memory in rfc2047.c) created by mj
When I was trying to use the RFC 2047 decoder from Mutt 1.5.16 in my …
9:19 AM Ticket #2922 (Couldn't lock /sent) created by agostinho
When I try send a messsage with mutt the message below is displayed. …
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