Jun 29, 2011:

9:18 PM Ticket #3528 (version.sh not compatible with sort from coreutils 6.12) closed by brendan
fixed: (commit hook didn't fire, closing manually) Fixed in [8b5e41c6a517]
1:39 PM WikiStart edited by brendan
despam (diff)
9:49 AM WikiStart edited by brendan
6:40 AM Ticket #3530 (Crash on search in IMAP(S) mailbox) created by barsnick
mutt crashes on searching within an IMAP(S) mailbox. I connect and log …
6:30 AM Ticket #3529 (trac logs me out while writing a ticket) created by barsnick
Timeout too low! And browser's "back" doesn't bring me back to the …
5:47 AM Ticket #3528 (version.sh not compatible with sort from coreutils 6.12) created by barsnick
When building, version.sh gives me an error message from 'sort', …

Jun 27, 2011:

3:48 AM Ticket #3527 (mutt: separation of host and CA SSL certificates) created by thoger
mutt currently does not ensure that an SSL certificate accepted for …

Jun 26, 2011:

4:14 PM Ticket #3526 (Building mutt-1.5.21 with SSL and SASL fails with undefined symbol) created by jgmills
I'm building this way on Solaris 10: --with-curses=/usr/local …

Jun 25, 2011:

9:45 PM Ticket #3316 (mutt hangs when some IMAP FETCH responses were ignored) closed by brendan
fixed: Resolving as fixed along with #3288.
8:04 PM Ticket #3445 (IMAP driver attempts STATUS on mailboxes with \NoSelect flag) closed by Brendan Cully <brendan@…>
fixed: (In [b42f99e01d8a]) Do not subscribe to \noselect mailboxes. Closes #3445
3:42 PM Ticket #3288 (seg fault in mx_update_context) closed by Honza Horak <hhorak@…>
fixed: (In [0e4f1782ea2e]) Avoid creating sparse ctx array when fetch …
10:22 AM Ticket #3521 (mutt Trac doesn't provide HTTPS) closed by brendan
fixed: I've enabled https://dev.mutt.org/ with a self-signed certificate, and …
10:21 AM WikiStart edited by brendan
Advertise https://dev.mutt.org/ (diff)
10:16 AM dev.mutt.org.pem.asc attached to WikiStart by brendan
GPG-signed SSL certificate for dev.mutt.org

Jun 20, 2011:

4:42 PM Ticket #3498 (Couldn't lock /sent) closed by me
4:38 PM Ticket #3512 (incorrect encoding of Resent-* headers when) closed by Michael Elkins <me@…>
fixed: (In [b574d6f9f532]) rfc2047 encode recipient list in resent-to header …
4:07 PM Ticket #3514 (bogus regexp for BTS subscription) closed by me

Jun 18, 2011:

9:29 PM Ticket #3516 (Remove deprecated gnutls_certificate_verify_peers (patch available)) closed by me
fixed: applied with a small change: verify_ret should be signed int, …
9:07 PM Ticket #3524 ("Logging in..." status message doesn't go away with imap_passive = no) closed by Michael Elkins <me@…>
fixed: (In [beebe6a4d25d]) clear logging in message when login succeeded. …

Jun 8, 2011:

12:00 AM Ticket #3523 (Segmentation fault in mx_update_context ()) closed by hhorak
duplicate: Thanks, this seems to be the same issue like bug #3288, marking as …

Jun 6, 2011:

4:42 AM Ticket #3525 (thread.c:432 Mutt crashes with segmentation fault) created by hhorak
This failure was originally reported in …

Jun 5, 2011:

3:10 AM Ticket #3524 ("Logging in..." status message doesn't go away with imap_passive = no) created by strk
When having an IMAP mailbox and imap_passive=no mutt asks for a …

Jun 2, 2011:

11:51 AM Ticket #3523 (Segmentation fault in mx_update_context ()) created by astsmtl
After starting Mutt it fetches message headers from INBOX and then …

Jun 1, 2011:

2:52 AM Ticket #3522 (Can't open mailbox with spaces in name) created by strk
Gmail has IMAP folders with spaces in the name. Most noticeably "All …
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