Jul 28, 2013:

2:26 PM MuttFaq/Charset edited by eflags
Fix <i> (diff)
1:58 PM MuttFaq/Charset edited by eflags
Some wikification (removing of <tt>, fixing verbatim blocks, etc.) (diff)

Jul 23, 2013:

5:07 AM Changeset [6306:bc7e7cf0fed3]HEAD by Ondřej Bílka <neleai@…>
fix typos in comments

Jul 15, 2013:

2:08 AM Ticket #3649 (Sorting by 'To: ' does not work right) created by grarpamp
These messages are all 'To: ' the same user. However, when intermixed …

Jul 8, 2013:

10:08 AM Ticket #3648 (TLS-received emails are missorted when sorting by date-received) created by hobarrera
I recently enabled STARTTLS on :25 on my email server. Now some of my …

Jul 2, 2013:

11:34 PM Ticket #3647 (Possibility to bind the 'abort' command of the command line editor.) created by ytterbium
It could be interesting to have the possibility to rebind the "abort" …

Jun 28, 2013:

3:56 AM Ticket #3646 (Problem browsing to IMAP folders) created by mancha
Under certain circumstances, when one browses to a folder, mutt …
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