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     1Mutt recognizes four FolderFormat""s. If a folder is '''correct''' by any of those formats' standard,
     2then mutt can automatically read them, nothing needs to be done just for reading.
     3However, when you create new folders (MuttFaq/Action), the format used is specified via "`mbox_type`":
     4 * mbox
     5 * maildir
     6 * MH
     7 * MMDF
     8See OverloadedNames for clarification of the various uses of "mbox" and "maildir".
     10== mbox ==
     12An mbox folder is a plain text file. Each message starts with a "From " line (note the trailing space). For example:
     13  `From roessler@does-not-xxx.invalid Fri Jun 23 02:56:55 2000`
     14Body-lines starting with "From" are usually escaped as ">From" if they occur in messages,
     15but there is also a header "Content-Length:" that gives the number of lines in the message
     16so that From escaping is not necessary. Mutt supports all formats.
     18The header is separated from the body by a blank line. See for details.
     20== maildir ==
     22A maildir folder is a directory with '''exactly three subdirectories''' "new", "cur", and "tmp".
     23Each message is a separate file. See MaildirFormat for details.
     25== MH ==
     27An MH folder is a directory containing either a .mh_sequences or .xmhcache file.
     28Messages are separate files that are numbered sequentially.
     29MH is rarely used, most prefer the maildir format.
     31== MMDF ==
     33This is a variant of the mbox format.  Each message is surrounded by lines containing "^A^A^A^A" (four control-A's).
     34Using this format is not recommended, few other programs support it.
     36== Which format to use? ==
     38Don't use MH or MMDF, as these are not widely supported by other programs.
     39Whether to use mbox or maildir is a matter of taste.
     40mbox is sometimes easier to handle because it is just a single file,
     41whereas with maildir you don't need to read the whole folder just to get a single message.
     42The rest is philosophy, a big source of flamebaits, and an endless quest for the best way to benchmark it.
     43Maybe MuttFaq/Maildir can help you out.
     45If you happend to choose either MH or Maildir, you can improve performance by using header caching, see MuttGuide/Caching for details.