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Mutt is powerful because you can combine atomic functions to build complex functionality. One such combining is provided by macros. For those too lazy to reinvent the wheel(s), let's collect some examples either for usefulness or educational purposes. See also MuttGuide/Macros.
Note: many macros for either "index" or "pager" mode are often useful for the other mode, too, when they deal with a single selected message. So keep in mind to define those for both modes to avoid to wonder why something doesn't work where you expect it.

Change to a path prefix; complete and confirm with enter

macro index Aw <change-folder>imaps://

Pass HTML attachment to lynx

(see also "wait_key")

macro pager l "<pipe-entry>lynx -stdin -force_html<enter>"
macro attach l "<pipe-entry>lynx -stdin -force_html<enter>"

"poor man's" trash-folder management

doesn't work with <tag-prefix> to apply for multiple:

folder-hook . 'macro index d "<save-message>=trash<enter>"'
folder-hook =trash 'macro index d <delete-message>'

"somewhat wealthier man's" trash-folder management

-- at least flaky if your inbox is not a Maildir; adjust "inbox" as necessary:

set maildir_trash=yes
set wait_key=no
folder-hook . 'bind index q quit'
folder-hook inbox 'macro index q ":unset maildir_trash;push \"T~D\\n<tag-prefix-cond>m=trash\\n<end-cond><quit>\"\n"'

if your trash folder-name has spaces in it

folder-hook . 'macro index d "<save-message>=Deleted<quote-char> Items<enter>"'

Training Spamassassin

(be sure to modify spam destination, esc-d for spam, esc-u for unspam, esc-t to test) See also pipe_decode + pipe_split!!!

macro index \ed "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<pipe-entry>sa-learn --spam\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<save-message>=spam/evilspam\n" "Tags as SPAM"
macro index \eu "<pipe-entry>sa-learn --ham\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<save-message>=inbox\n" "Untags as SPAM"
macro index \et "<pipe-entry>spamassassin -t\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n" "Tests if it is SPAM"

Toggle ROT13 decoding with ESC r.

Principle explained in ConfigTricks

macro pager ,@r13on "<enter-command> set display_filter=/usr/local/bin/rot13; macro pager \\er ,@r13off 'Toggle ROT13 decoding'<Enter><exit><display-message><enter-command> set ?display_filter<Enter>"
macro pager ,@r13off "<enter-command> unset display_filter; macro pager \\er ,@r13on 'Toggle ROT13 decoding'<Enter><exit><display-message><enter-command> set ?display_filter<Enter>"
macro pager \er ,@r13on 'Toggle ROT13 decoding'