If you want the technical details of the maildir format, see the following resources.

Basically, maildir format is a set of directories with the layout


Each message is stored in a separate file in either the cur or new directories, depending on whether or not it has been seen by the mail client. Maildir folders do not need file locking (no ':0:' in .procmailrc). The tmp dir is used internally when writing new messages to the folder.

You do not have to configure anything to get Mutt to read maildir format mailboxes. It can determine the mailbox type automatically by inspecting the directory structure.

To create a maildir format mailbox, either:

  • set mbox_type="maildir" and create a new folder in Mutt
  • use procmail and append '/' to the folder name
  • mkdir -p testbox/{cur,new,tmp}&& chmod -R 0700 testbox
  • use the maildirmake program as included in maildrop and Courier or the simple script included in dovecot

MaildirFormat is one of a few which Mutt supports, see FolderFormat. See also ExtendedMaildirFormat (maildir with subfolders). See OverloadedNames for other uses of the term "maildir".

MDAs that support delivery to Maildirs

  • procmail
    • well known/widespread, built-in support in many MTAs (sendmail etc.)
    • ([un]limited) support of ExtendedMaildirFormat by manually encoding the correct directory (ie. $MAILDIR/.Inbox.Work.Emails\ From\ Boss.Important/)
  • maildrop
    • easier to read (and understand) filter language
    • checks syntax of the filter file before attempting delivery, deferring delivery on error - lower chance to loose mail
    • lower resource usage when handling large messages
    • supports ExtendedMaildirFormat and includes maildirmake.
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