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     1The official Mutt channel is '''#mutt''' on '''[]''' (what is [ IRC]?).
     2If you have questions that cannot be answered by RTFM, join '''#mutt''' and ask there.
     3If you like, stay some time to help others by answering some questions yourself. Or even stay permanently :-)
     5Use the above shown connection data to join with any IRC-client like
     6[ irssi], [ XChat], [ Gaim]
     7or [ ChatZilla].
     8If you're too lazy or limited in admin-power, try [ webchat] instead.
     9We collect some fortunes of MuttQuotes.
     11== Channel Guidelines ==
     13'''REQUIRED: read BeforeYouAsk!!!'''
     15If you don't, the help you get will not be as good (speed + quality) as it could be!
     17"'''technical'''": don't annoy bystanders.
     18 * Just '''ask your stuff''', don't ask if we're "alive" nor "anyone using XYZ"! Stay mutt-related on topic and all will be fine.
     19 * Type "`!keyword`" to trigger some standard responses for your "`keyword`".
     20 * '''Don't flood''' the channel by pasting lots of lines (up to 4 lines is ok). If you have to paste a lot of lines:
     21  * use a '''nopaste'''-website and post the URL to '''#mutt''' channel:
     22   * simple one-way:
     23   * with annotations by helpers:
     24  * for screenshots:
     25 * Disable '''auto-away''' messages & '''nick-changes'''! Use the '''silent''' `/away` feature of your client manually, nothing else!
     26* Be '''patient''': don't repost toooooo often, once every 12h is ok, see BeforeYouAsk.
     28'''REQUIRED: read BeforeYouAsk!!!'''
     30Introduce yourself with a #mutt service ticket number (#mst),
     31which you choose in the range 0-999, to show that you've understood all of the above. ;-)
     33If you like, join MuttMaps.
     35== #mutt Statistics ==
     36Myon has put up a '''[ #mutt page]'''
     37where you can find fancy statistics on activity of '''#mutt''' and '''#procmail''':
     39|| [ yesterday&today]|| [ last week] || [ last month] || [ full log] ||