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My settings are messed up after hooks are executed, they're not restored?

Right, hooks operate "one-way": if the condition is triggered, the given cmd(s) is/are executed once, that's it! If you want to "undo" effects for "normal" operation, you have to define what "normal" operation is by giving a "default" hook: the pattern given to the hook must match always, i.e. "." (dot).

Note, the order is important: defaults come first for hooks that execute all matching patterns, but last for those which execute just the first match! RTFM carefully!

Why get the commands given in hooks crippled, some are skipped?

Why gives muttrc errors for commands specified in hooks at startup?

How do I make a complex regular expression containing "(|)" and "\" in a *-hook/search work?

I already doublequote stuff for patterns, but my macro still sucks ass!

Keep in mind that when an argument for a hook contains special characters (in particular spaces and ";"), in most cases that argument must be quoted. You probably want to read PatternQuoting for help on several levels of quoting that hooks require.