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Hooks are a feature of mutt that allow for certain dynamic / automatic behavior.
NOTE: commands / settings are NOT restored after execution / processing of a hook. You have to provide a "default" match, that will catch everything that doesn't match your specific case. However, do not provide a resetting "default" match for hooks which do not run a command (and change a setting).

mbox-hook foldername-regexp foldername

You can specify more than one "move-target" for read messages when you have more than one different "inbox" folders defined by mailbox-cmd. This is useful when you use "procmail" to sort incoming email automatically into separate folders and need for each their own "read" folder.

folder-hook foldername-regexp command

  • Every folder-hook that matches is executed.
  • The order matters: the latter overwrites the former.
  • You need "." as the default to initialize for all cases that are not explicitly set in the following hooks.
  • Applies only when you actually open the folder, just accessing/ listing it in the folder-browser is not enough.