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This shall be a generic in-depth guide for newbies to learn easily the first steps to get things running up to the high end finetuning as seen in some configs of ConfigList & ConfigTricks. <br>It's meant to be an alive guide: we need YOU the newbie to build it, please help us help yourself! <br> Add here solutions that you know to aid others, add to UserGuide? ideas how to change/ improve/ make a new one or things that you miss here.

The generic Guide

  • Basics to get going:

/Introduction: How to use this guide. MailConcept: the way of mail between computers and inside yours. /Setup: compile-time, install, extra pkgs. /Syntax: run-time config file. /Folders: management, mbox, maildir, subfolders, shortcuts.

  • Views, Menus /Actions: modes, save, reply, forward, change folder, macros.

/Index: display formats, colors, flags, errors. /Message: filter, charset, header weeding, colors. /Attachment: MIME for sending and reading, autoview.

  • /Send: concept, compose, encoding.

/Headers: change From-ID, envelopes, alternates. /Aliases: address management, external database. /Edit: pre-, post-processing, body, header

  • /Receive: concept, spoolfile, mailboxes, notifications.

/Filesystem (local, NFS, permission, locking, mutt_dotlock. /UsePOP: getting + processing, filter: fetchmail, procmail /UseIMAP: remote folders.

Advanced stuff

  • /Charsets (what and why things can go wrong)
  • /Encryption (why, why not, security in stored files)


  • dynamic & complex configuration for special tasks

/Macros: save typing a lot same stuff /Hooks: automatic actions. /MailingLists? /MultiAccounts?: change profiles/ roles/ identities/ accounts/ From:-addresses. /Scoring general ConfigTricks. /Archiving

  • /XFace inclusion and display
  • /ShellScripting?: using mutt to automate sending mail
  • /Groups
  • /Caching: Cache message headers (POP, IMAP, MH, Maildir) and bodies (POP, IMAP)

If this guide didn't suit you, maybe one of these will: <br> You can find or contribute a UserStory? for a more direct, simple, complete "in-1-go" solutions for specific situations or tasks.