If you have questions that cannot be answered by RTFM, join one of the lists and ask there. If you like, stay some time to help others by answering some questions yourself. Or even stay permanently, maybe even join MuttMaps. :-)

Lists Guidelines

REQUIRED: read BeforeYouAsk

If you don't, then the help you get will not be as good (speed + quality) as it could be!

All the lists have ARCHIVES! Search them for your request, it probably has been asked and answered before!

For development requests:

For users:

For Usenet news it's the google archive via the below given web-interface.

REQUIRED: read BeforeYouAsk!!'''

See technical below at the end, too!!!

Where to post

original mailing lists ""

A mail sent to a central server, receive all/ download first, select thereafter.

  • must subscribe with valid eMail-address before you post.
  • to subscribe and manage your access to the list, contact majordomo @, send "help" as single word in the body (nothing else, no sig).
    • UNSUBSCRIBE: send mail with only "unsubscribe" in body to "list-name"-request @ .
    • there is also the subscription web-interface at .
  • send mail to list with valid From:-addr to the "list-name" @ _after_ you checked the resources from the guidelines above!

mutt-users: general purpose for users who can't help themselves by reading docs alone.

  • english only, max size 20KB/post.
  • mutt-users-fr: french only, much smaller group.

mutt-dev: discussion of code functionality rather than usage and configuration, which belongs to mutt-users.

  • english only, max size 50KB/post (for minor patches and log excerpts).
  • bug reports are automatically posted here.

mutt-announce: for information about official releases.

  • it's one-way, read-only, you can't post yourself.


A mutt-general "newsgroup" == download only what you choose.

  • recommended: read with a proper news-reader like tin, slrn or emacs gnus.
  • access: when client setup properly with your newsfeed (ask your ISP for help), then simply post _after_ you read the guidelines below.
    • post without special registration/ subscription, posting limits per your ISP.

All lists have separate users: if you want to reach all, then you have to join all.

Technical Lists

When you post: *be considerate of the readers* Your chances increase significantly if you ...

  • use meaningful "Subject:", so that people quickly can see how to help you.
  • do _NOT_ "top-post" (also called TOFU), this means: in a reply ...
    • quote only passages that you refer to, delete unreferenced parts.
      • if you don't refer to any specific quoted passage, then don't quote at all but summarize what you reply to.
    • add your responses after each quoted passage that you refer to.
      • do not quote the full text as whole (unless it's all needed) and do not place your responses above the quotes.
  • send only plain text messages: don't post text with or only HTML (multipart/ alternative) from web-mailers.

Special for the mailing lists:

  • use mutt's <list-reply> feature to respond to the lists only, not to senders, too (unless asked for), i.e. list-reply, not group-reply.
    • only subscribers can post, no need to reply to _both_ the list and the sender, just reply to the list, sender won't miss it!
    • however, when you reply to bug reports in mutt-dev, reply only to the bug sender address, it will autoforward your response to mutt-dev.
  • if you subscribe with an address that is not reachable for whatever reason for a longer period, then you will be automatically unsubscribed.

encryption/ signing

Even though authentification is generally a good idea and recommended, in practice it isn't widespread yet. Think about this before you enable or disable it for the lists:

  • is it required to authenticate your post?
    • somebody poses as you?
    • is the post really so sensitive?
    • on the other side, signing everything helps establish the key.
  • has everybody on the list your keys and actually verifies?
    • otherwise some find it wasted load.
    • on the other side: if nobody signs, it will never become established for general use.
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