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wikiml / style / spacing. empty categories probably need to be commented out until some time can be spent researching them (e.g. German translation, Maintenance ownership). Emailed gentoo maintainer. This page needs more work.

When you do something to support mutt, add yourself (or add others only with their agreement!!!) so people know who to bother when something goes wrong or needs to be done, or an expert opinion is due. Use a unique identifier well known among mutters, no need for full name or eMail (but if email, then "role"-email rather than "personal", in case the person changes).


  • www: Jeremy Blosser
  • ftp: Brendan Cully
  • dns: Steve Kennedy
  • releases: brendan
  • bts: brendan (admin), anyone else signing up + doing some work
  • wiki == editable by all, admin brendan, editor RadoQ
  • lists: Steve K., RadoQ
  • irc: "me" (scandal), RadoQ + several MuttChannel people.

Distro maintainers

  • debian: Myon (Christoph Berg)
  • openbsd: Stuart Henderson <sthen@…>
  • netbsd: stable: Matthias Scheler info; devel: Antoine Reilles info
  • freebsd: Udo Schweigert
  • suse:
  • redhat/ fedora: Jan Pacner <jpacner@…>
  • sunfreeware:
  • slackware:
  • gentoo:
  • mandrake:
  • mandriva:
  • momonga-linux: Tamo
  • rPath Linux: Jonathan Smith
  • Foresight Linux: Jonathan Smith


  • ManualTOC (rewrite): RadoQ
  • VarNames: RadoQ


  • japanese: Tamo

3rd party support/ services

  • muttrc.vim: Kyle Wheeler


ALL code requests should be sent to the mutt-dev mailing list, see MuttLists. People listed here are just for keeping track of specific area expertise. For 3rd party patches see PatchList.


The following people have push rights to the official Mercurial repository:

  • Brendan Cully
  • Michael Elkins
  • Thomas Roessler


  • build system:
  • docs:

Core parts

  • imap: brendan
  • pop:
  • smtp: brendan
  • header cache:
  • body cache:
  • crypto (traditional):
  • crypto (gpgme):
  • idn:
  • iconv:

Current features

  • format=flowed:

Future features

  • PluginSupport: Michael Elkins