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    1 This is the primary starting point for the "Mutt" User-Wiki.
    2 Mutt is a '''M'''ail'''U'''ser'''A'''gent, see MailConcept for what that is and is not.
    3 [[BR]]
    4 Feel free to add information to these pages, become an efficient '''WikiWorker'''!
    6 `Stable 2007-05-26, Devel 1.5.21 2010-09-15`
    8 Documentation outside of this wiki: The Mutt home page is
    9  * '''Download''' instructions and '''Mercurial''' (hg) access:
    10  * By default pressing '''`F1`''' loads the manual in mutt (unless your window manager eats F1).
    11   * Otherwise find your '''locally installed''' copy by executing this cmd: '''`man mutt | grep manual.txt`'''
    12   * If you can't find them locally (often at `/usr/*/doc/mutt/manual.txt(.gz)`), then use the manuals at
    13 ----
    15 == Starting points ==
    17 These apply to the most recent mutt version (identified at the top of this page) unless otherwise noted.
    19  * MuttGuide for newbies, to learn ''everything'' from the basics to the advanced stuff. Or maybe a UserStory for special cases instead.
    20  * MuttFaq lists frequently asked questions for ''specific issues'' when you know the basics. Use DebugConfig strategies for unknown problems.
    21   * MacroSamples and generic ConfigTricks of popular solutions to simplify recurring, mass, complex or tricky tasks.
    22  * MuttTools to expand MUA functionality.
    23  * Index of all !MuttWiki pages (todo: make a trac-link to it)
    25 == Mutt users ==
    27  * MuttMaps of mutters around the world.
    28  * ConfigList of people's configuration files for Mutt (muttrc).
    29  * UserPages link you to more special, detailed, extra info, useful tools.
    30  * Visit official '''IRC''' MuttChannel or join the MuttLists. Use their "Paste" pages to work on examples.
    31  * MuttAdvocacy (why mutt sucks less). Enjoy MuttQuotes found in MuttChannel and MuttLists.
    33 == Developing mutt and using the latest development code ==
    35  * If you want to build your own mutt from source, please visit
    36  * To get a quick idea of the visible changes between releases, see [ UPDATING].
    37   * More detailed information may be found in the [ Mercurial log].
    38  * The bug tracking system includes the wishlist for new features.
    39  * Try nightly snapshots at for fixes.
    40  * SubmittingPatches tells you what to do when you want to submit your own patch, see PatchList for existing third party patches for Mutt.
    41  * RelevantStandards used/ supported for interoperability and independence.
    42  * User-friendlyness: VarNames to track things to be done for a possible new naming scheme.
    43  * MuttPeople who are busy with different aspects of making mutt useful.
     1You want to go to MuttWiki instead.