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This is the primary starting point for the Mutt Wiki.

Mutt is a MailUserAgent, see MailConcept for what that is and is not. Feel free to add information to these pages, become an efficient WikiWorker!

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Documentation outside of this wiki: The Mutt home page is

  • Download instructions and Mercurial (hg) access:
  • By default pressing F1 loads the manual in mutt (unless your window manager eats F1).
    • Otherwise find your locally installed copy by executing this cmd: man mutt | grep manual.txt
    • If you can't find them locally (often at /usr/*/doc/mutt/manual.txt(.gz)), then use the manuals at

Starting points

These apply to the most recent mutt version (identified at the top of this page) unless otherwise noted.

  • MuttGuide for newbies, to learn everything from the basics to the advanced stuff. Or maybe a UserStory for special cases instead.
  • MuttFaq for specific issues when you know the basics. Lists answers to frequently asked questions. Use DebugConfig strategies for unknown problems.
  • MuttTools to expand MUA functionality.
  • Index of all MuttWiki pages

Mutt users

Developing mutt and using the latest development code