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This is the primary starting point for the Mutt Wiki.

Mutt is a MailUserAgent, see MailConcept for what that is and is not. Feel free to add information to these pages, become an efficient WikiWorker!

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Devel 1.5.21 2010-09-15

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Documentation outside of this wiki: The Mutt home page is

  • Download instructions and Mercurial (hg) access:
  • By default pressing F1 loads the manual in mutt (unless your window manager eats F1).
    • Otherwise find your locally installed copy by executing this cmd: man mutt | grep manual.txt
    • If you can't find them locally (often at /usr/*/doc/mutt/manual.txt(.gz)), then use the manuals at

Starting points

These apply to the most recent mutt version (identified at the top of this page) unless otherwise noted.

Mutt users

Developing mutt and using the latest development code