This page is for listing third party patches for Mutt core code. QueryCommand scripts, 3rd party MuttTools and UserPages have their own places.

pgp-send-menu -- alternative PGP send menu

pgp-auto-decode -- automatically decode traditional PGP messages (1.5.8 has this ability)

noquote_hdr_term -- don't quote the header terminator when replying with headers

status-time -- include current time in status line

my_hdr_subject -- execute send-hooks before setting subject

hash_destroy -- speed up a little bit closing of mailboxes

trash_folder and purge_message -- move deleted messages to trash folder

my_list -- lists for patterns, hooks, mailboxes and subscribe/lists

signatures_menu -- menu to choose signatures

ifdef -- check for compile time features

pattern_broken -- match broken threads

source_multiple -- source multiple files at once

date_conditional -- vary format of dates in the index based on how recent the message is

mark_old -- make mark_old a quad option

parent_match -- pattern matching against parent message

crypt-autohook -- autosign/autoencrypt when recipient keys are available

_A -- %A displays number of messages in pager_format

backlog -- add X-Current-Backlog: header to outgoing messages

keypad -- work around broken ncurses on <nowiki>FreeBSD</nowiki> 2.2.7

pager_status_on_top -- colored pager status on top/bottom

reverse_reply -- use realname from aliases in replies [see below for newer version]

mailcap-fix -- fix mailcap handling for mails containing only a non displayable attachment

pgp_shorten -- shorten PGP output length

previous_jump -- jump back to message last jumped from

compressed -- support for compressed/encrypted folders

compressed -- support for compressed/encrypted folders [use the patch from instead! -- Myon]

initials -- author initials in index_format

nntp -- NNTP/news folder support

quote -- finetune format of quoted text

slang -- alternate thread tree for linking with slang

maildir-mtime -- sort maildirs by latest entry in new/ in folder brower

pgp-menu-traditional -- traditional PGP signatures in compose menu

confirm-crypt-hook -- allows you to skip the "Use keyID" prompt

multiple-crypt-hook -- multiple crypt-hooks with the same pattern, multiple keyIDs per pattern

crypt-autoselectkey -- autoselect key when only one available in "PGP keys" menu

mbox-hook -- printf-like sequences in mbox-hook mailbox argument

pgp-timeout -- increase timeout period for pgp_timeout

pgp-hook -- combines confirm-crypt-hook, multiple-crypt-hook, and crypt-autoselectkey

urlview-html -- make urlview produce HTML

krb -- fix MIT Kerberos 1.2.4 linking problems

xlabel-ext -- edit X-Label: headers (an alternative way without patching is in UserPages). [See also the xlabel branch on for a current version.]

unbind -- unbind key bindings

attach -- count and display attachments in index

deepif -- nested if-else sequences in format strings

isalias -- pattern matching against aliases

markmsg -- set jump marks on messages

softfill -- pad space in index_format:

fmtpipe -- use pipes in format strings

signin and signoff -- greeting and regrad pre/appended to outgoing messages

collapse_flagged -- do not collapse threads containing flagged messages

inform_screen -- send escape code to screen on new mail

jumptagged -- jump forward/backward between tagged messages

listreply -- ask when sending list message replies to author only

timeouthook -- call mutt commands when $timeout expires

sidebar -- nice sidebar that shows folder list

past versions: Justin Hibbits, Thomer M. Gil

mutt-guile -- Extensible Mutt: scripting language for Mutt using Guile

mutt-guile Wiki: (set up by AllisterMacLeod?)

ja -- japanese patch

ja manual:

assumed_charset -- charsets which are to be used for header fields and message body with no encoding indication

file_charset (attach_charset) -- list of charsets used for autosensing the charset of a text file when you attach it.

create_rfc2047_parameters -- add rfc2047-encoded parameters to Content-Type. this is prohibited by the standard, but some buggy mail clients require this

nonascii_old_pgp -- [1.4] (pgp_charsethack is available for greater than 1.5.8)

color-status -- colorize status line

headercache -- for IMAP (old version, see above for new)

chdir -- 'cd' command to change mutt's current directory

reverse_reply -- use realname from aliases in replies (similar to $reverse_alias)

xface -- updated slrnface patch to display X-Face headers in mutt

cryptmod, gpgme -- gpgme support for Mutt (1.5.8 has this ability) see also and <87u0zkib7m.fsf@…>

libesmtp -- use libESMTP instead of an external MTA to send mail

void_passphrase_on_failed_sign -- automatically forget wrong passphrase

tagged-macros -- make tag-prefix play nice with macros

cygwin -- Cygwin32 NT/95 Port (old)

mx_nntp -- NNTP patch (old)

content_md5 -- content-MD5 (RFC 1864) support (old)

folder_count -- count number of messages in folders in folder list (old)

uudeview -- uuencoding, xxencoding, and BinHEX support (very old)

altpgp -- alternative PGP view (very old)

thread_subject -- make hiding of subjects in a thread optional

imap_fcc_status -- prevent saving of Status: headers when using fcc with IMAP. Intended for use with Courier's IMAP outbox support.

stuff_all_quoted -- improve the appearance of format=flowed messages

attach_sanitize -- sanitize file names when saving attachments

sigontop_space_fix -- add blank line following 'sigontop' signature

indexcolor -- custom colors for author, subject, date, etc. in the index display

patch-1.5.8.tamo.patterns.3 -- pattern-menu on pattern-prompt (tab key after ~ will show it)

patch-1.5.9.tamo.POTFILE.4 -- improve GPGME code

patch-1.5.8.tamo.comval_help.2 -- status-commands -- smooth scroll -- ":set" auto-complete for path

ignore-thread -- permanently ignore threads

updated for 1.5.20 at

mutt-1.5.9_pgp-unverbose-patch.diff -- same as pgp_shorten by sec@…, but for version 1.5.9

  • [Mutt ??] PluginSupport? -- add support for dynamically loading extensions to Mutt

Password Manager Daemon (pwmd). Fetches auth/server info from pwmd.

Archived patches (included in mutt)

edit_threads -- link and break threads (included in 1.5.10)

header-cache -- for maildir / imap (included in 1.5.9)

mutt-thread -- match whole threads containing messages matching patterns (extends threadcomplete; included in 1.5.12)

current_shortcut -- makes the "^" character a shortcut for the currently open mailbox (new version) (1.5.10 has this ability)

menu_context -- context lines for menus (similar to $pager_context) (1.5.8 has this ability)

thread_pattern -- obsolete, see Thomas Glanzmann's mutt-thread above

patch-1.5.6.vl.savehist.1 -- persistant prompt history of commands, files, patterns... (applied in 1.5.15)

patch-1.5.11.bc.smtp.10 -- built-in ESMTP relay support. (applied in 1.5.15)

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