Issues to be resolved before the next point release (1.5.21)

IMAP delimiter bug

  1. Identify code that mangles URLs or inserts folder delimiters
  2. Figure out which of that code runs before a delimiter is known.

Desired behaviors

  • mailboxes +foo where $folder is an IMAP folder, e.g., imap://server/INBOX should use the correct delimiter between INBOX and foo. The trick is that this is expanded before a connection is opened to get the delimiter for INBOX. Possibly we could add a 'not normalized' bit to the buffy list, and do the glue after the connection has been opened.

In general, the problem is that mutt_expand_path may be called before a connection is open, and it returns a simple string, so it's hard to signal that we don't have a real delimiter yet.

Possible strategies

  • For IMAP urls, keep a separate table for entries where the delimiter isn't yet known, that records the original, unexpanded path and the guessed expansion. When it sees a URL matching the guessed expansion, it can go back to the unexpanded form and reexpand it with the known delimiter. Complicated.
  • Defer path expansion until just before the path is actually accessed. This provides robust expansion, but if the definition of $folder changes, how do we make sure the version that was in effect at the time of the definition was used?
  • Perhaps we need to use something with more information than a simple string as a mailbox path. This would be invasive though.
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