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This page contains several lightweight SMTP agents (see MailConcept) which you can call from mutt via the "$sendmail" variable, if you think that a full blown sendmail/postfix/qmail is overkill. Note, on most systems an MTA is already installed to process system-mail, so you might not need to mess around with yourself (maybe if you want to bypass defaults)

Feel free to add your comments so that others can make a better decision which one to choose.

  • nullclient (postfix, sendmail)
    • sendmail can be configured to simply pass on all mail and do nothing else fancy, see nullclient feature in cf/README or postfix-doc.
    • This might save you an installation of extra software, since sendmail or postfix is installed by default on many systems.
  • ssh: if you don't have local agent but want to use on remote site.
    • 'set sendmail="ssh remotehost sendmail ..."'
    • authentification (optional only once) possible with ssh keys; won't work with all systems, you can't reach all smtp servers with ssh.