Done, doing

  • The VarNames/List of var-names itself.
    • keep up to date with newest releases.
  • VarNames/Script to automatically translate the varnames in config files. Done!
    • It's safe for configs of regular use for almost all users. Rare special cases with mutt-config generator scripts may fail,
      • but those users are typically capable to fix exceptions quickly, which are few anyway (no production config failure reported yet).
    • Try VarNames/Script + VarNames/Test, report failures to be fixed.
  • Timetable for Transition where both variants will be valid. Idea: by 2.0 new names should be established well enough to drop old pre 1.6 names safely.
    • 1.6 will still have old ones only,
    • 1.7 - 1.999 will have both.
    • 2.0 will have only new ones. If it comes too early, extend to 2.2 or 2.4
  • New "muttrc2" to check as config first, so you can keep both config versions around independent of version number for different binaries (pre- + post-change).
    • version specific feature exists already: suggest to use generic muttrc for "current/ newest", version specific for old dying versions.
    • VarNames/Script easily produces required new version.

To Do

  • Re-work the manual so what gets committed must be a huge update to make things more consistent in total at once.
  • Rewrite the manual (not just re-organize) to reflect groups of "tasks" and such.
  • BIG warning at end of build process to inform sys- and distro- admins, so they can inform and aid their users (see "script" above).
    • A "post-install" script can be applied to automatically convert configs when updating,
      • basically: for all in /home/*; do mkdir $all/.mutt2; /Script $all/.mutt $all/mutt2; done
      • Check for whether file or dir: if [ -e $all/.muttrc ]; then convert .muttrc; fi; if [ -e ~/.mutt/muttrc ]; then convert ~/.mutt; fi
  • contact distro mutt-maintainers to discuss automatic update ideas. Add distros' mutt-contacts for completeness to MuttPeople.
  • PR campaign to spread the word,
    • i.e. mutt 2.0 could possibly make the media catch up (so that people can read about it in the news, not when updating).
    • news sites to contact:
      •, ...

Ideas needed

  • Documentation of synonyms:
    • How to document old + new vars to make manual.txt useful for both while in transition?
      • Translation table?
      • List both entries in title of desc.?
      • ...? (what else)
    • Will have to be manually made (except for output of VarNames/Script), no automation, would be just once anyway.
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